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    This site and Steve, Dave's book are Godsent.
    After reading the book which my friend gave me for christmas07 just 2 days ago; (I know slightly overdue)

    I realised I'm no different than probably 99% of other blokes who does it by hearing and listening to someone who knows nothing about making money through property.

    Now for the hard facts. I wanna get out of this wrong tactics, advice or "smart move" before I can start afresh using Steve & Dave's awesome advice in the book.

    The problem is I don't know how to and where do I start?

    I'm totally stucked in a negative cashflow property situation and with the current rates, it's already bad enough and gets worst later on in the year with few rates rises.

    Hmmm What should and can I do to start afresh?

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    One book is just one persons method… Keep reading….
    The wrong method is actually doing nothing. Congratulations for buying a property and many many people made lots of money on just capital appreciation myself included. There are benefits and flaws to every method so I don't think you have done the wrong thing!

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    Without knowing anything about your portfolio or your situation I can only provide general hints (note not advice). You may need to Bite the bullet and sell that way you will have some cash to invest in the type of properties you are now looking for. This will be an incredibly hard decision and most people resist and come up with every excuse under the sun but are unable to move forward until they take this step. I think you need to work out if this is the correct decision for you.
    Enjoy the journey you have embarked upon!!
    Julz :)

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    I also believe that the only wrong way is doing nothing. I suggest that you look into exactly what you would do if you sold your current property before you think about selling. You may find that the alternatives make your current situation look quite good after all…!

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