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    Hi all
    Just wanted to say hi.  We are new to the site and excited to have found it.  We have been recently married and have both been through expensive settlements in the past so instead of thinking of retiring like Col should be we find ourselves working two jobs…same old story.  We have been looking at all alternatives over the last year that we have been together and are determined to get out of the ratrace.  We both read Steve's book and …it was all the things we had been talking about but with more clarity and focus…
    We are so sick of hearing negative feedback and 'can't dos' from friends and family. We know wages are not the answer (they're killing us) but we couldn't quite find focus on what was the answer…this feels like it could be it!  I can't wait for the day that Col can choose whether to go to work on night shift or not (I hope he chooses not…but we need firemen afterall!).  We have booked into the seminar and booked flights from WA (our friends scoff) and can't wait to meet everyone. 
    see you there….michelle and colin

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    Welcome, Michelle and Colin! Good luck on your journey.

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