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    Hi I'm quite new to property investing I have purchased my first investment property at Andrews Farm 2007 (building it and renting it out) and it has been successful. I now want to be very active in my investing having a bit of equity ($40,000 from my investment and $50,000 equity from my own home). I'm a relief teacher and want property investing to build enough income to replace my income and create financial freedom!. I really need a successful mentor!I'm 33 and need to meet investors that are young dynamic and have excellent results. I don't have any like minded friends or family  they all think I'm being silly and only a job will get me an income. I find it very frustrating!!!!!Hopefully someone out there will help me on my journey to financial freedom!!!!

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    go to and sign up as a member. You will receive newsletters and invites to Adelaides monthly investor meeting. They just had one yesterday.


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    Hi there

    Adprop is certainly the one to go to.



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