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    Anyone got an rough idea of what this would cost – my roof is cement tiles and approx 110 sq metres.

    I ask becuase i was approached by a company offering to "do it at cost" in return for me putting a sign up in the front yard advertising them, but when they came round to discuss this it felt very much like a sales pitch, complete with the pressure tactics (we need a decision right now) and their price seemed a little high ($5k).

    I dont want to let a good opportunity slip (they said their usual price was $7k) and i do know my roof could use a reseal. But dont want to fall prey to some scam either.

    Any idea's of what it roughly costs?

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    Resealing concrete tiles is totally unnecessary and purely cosmetic – ie the best form of maintenance is repointing of your cappings, replacement of the valleys and guttering, the rest is unnecessary.

    Sure, the tiles will look new – however the acrylic paint used bonds the lip of the tile to the next tile as well as fading over time. The paint applied is not impervious.

    Call an alternative price from another applicator eg complete or the like. I would have thought that it would have cost around $2-3k not $5k.

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    $7k?  you could just about have a new roof for that.   I tried to get a quote from a national brand re-roofer, roof finisher, roller blind maker and they tried to close the sale three times on the phone before they even sent someone out to quote.  In the end I told them I was tired of the 1970s sales tactics and not to bother quoting.  They got miffed and said they were only trying to make sure customers were serious as they were busy people (!?)   They appear to be successful so I guess there are enough people that put up with their BS or cave in to pressure selling

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    rent " tin men " from yer local dvd outlet , then sit through the pitch again
    you will laugh your head off both times !

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    From my experience an average 60's 70's 3 bedder costs between $4-6K with a 'Roof Sea'l or equiv. Getting a bloke out of the local paper will cost $1500 to $2500 for exactly the same service perhaps less the 10 year guarantee…..maybe they'll give you 5 yr though. For this you'll expect pressure cleaning, re-pointing with flexible compound to replace the original cement pointing, a sealer coat and 2 coats of colour.
    Beware the cowboys though using 2 very watered down thin coats. Ask to see examples of their work.
    A tip for a cheap resto when selling is to go for the cowboy option. Even ask to have the tiles with broken corners moved into the gutter on an inconspicuous rather than replacement. It'll look good for at least a year.
    1 man x 2 days + $400 of materials does not = $5000 or in fact $7000.

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    We just had our roof done – pressure cleaned, 5 broken tiles replaced (and 7 new spares left with us), repointed with flexible pointing, 1 coat of sealer, 2 coats of colour, gutter cleaned & all covered with 10yr warranty $1999 for 182m2 – on the Gold Coast.


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