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    Hi everyone,

    I need to put up a double carport for a 35+ yo house on a block we're subdividing.
    It's in metropolitan Brisbane.

    Any of you have come across any good suppliers of carports?
    Not anything expensive.
    Metal posts, iron roof, etc (or something similar)

    Also, I'm not in Brisbane so it maybe cheaper hiring someone to put it up rather than flying there myself.
    Anyone know how much contractors can charge to assemble one?

    Thanks, as always.


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    Have you looked at Stratco. Check their web site .
    Do not know how good their pricing is as I haven't used them for a carport but for shelving. They are in Queensland .

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    Last year we put up  a carport at our own house, shopped around for a while but trying to get interest from a builder was difficult contacted 11 builders got 2 quotes both over 11K. So eventually contacted various companies to buy direct and install with their own crew.
    Best one we found was Outdoor Direct paid about 3000 to buy kit and they arranged an installer/erector for a further 3000. It had to be heavily modified to fit as well because they are sold as a kit with no changes. We had a few problems with the installer but the end result was good and GCC building inspector was very happy with the strength of the design.
    Outdoor Direct numbers 1800 349 548, (07) 32004577

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    Any asbestos questions ask me.

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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the tips.

    I have contact Stratco. They'll supply a carport pretty cheap, just over $1000. Don't know what condition it'll be in.
    But they don't do any installation, council application or anything else.

    I haven't thought of Outdoor Direct. I'll give them a ring.

    I have contacted two other companies, whose quotes I'm considering.


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