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    Hi. I am in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs, and would like to hear from fellow property investors about their recommendations of good accountancy firms, that know their way around various property investment, taxation, trusts, etc.
    We have earlier this year gone over to a highly recommended firm, who was brilliant, by virtue of their principal being personally involved and contactable. He has however sold out of the business and retired in June, so now we feel that the support is not as 'experienced' as it was.
    We need someone who once we commit to being their client, will be able to support us with the occasional response to an ad-hoc email question, pertaining to our property investments etc.
    Thank you for your suggestions.

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    Try Nancy Keep from Nancy Keep and Associates (
    She is a keen property investor and a very good accountant. He office is in Mt Waverley.
    Contact # 9544 9577

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