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    Does anyone know how to make concrete look better (other than stamping or painting)?

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    As you have already said you don't want to stamp it or paint it, the only other options I know of are to tile it, or get some chemical cleaning done.  The chemical cleaning will for lack of a better description strip the upper most layer of the concrete off to expose fresh white concrete.

    Just my thoughts, comments and opinions.  Cheers :)

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    Hi Karl and Rita, how big is the area?,

    On my last reno, I had an entertainment area that  was basically a 6 x 3 mts concrete slab in very bad shape. I got my handy man to do a “deck” on top and  for $385 in wood it went from an ordinary look to a beautiful entertainment area.  Obviously this wont work if it is a larger area, a drive way, etc, etc. Happy investing

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    Hi Karl & Rita,

    A good CLEAR / SATIN CONCRETE SEALER can really lift the appearance of your concrete.

    It will not only improve the look of your concrete, put also protect it from erosion and make it easier to clean.

    It's EASY to apply and you can pick up 4 litres for about $50 at your local Bunnings.


    I have done this before and was VERY happy with the result.

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    Hi Karl and Rita

    Polished concrete looks great – haven't done it myself but a friend has a very busy polished concrete business – mostly new top end houses but i have seen it done on old concrete and it looks great – i'm pretty sure you can hire the gear and do it yourself. Similar to sanding floorboards.

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    Cheers guys,

    this gives us a few good ideas, thanks

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