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    Hi Guys,

    If one was to purchase a townhouse (4 yrs old), should the vendor provide warranty paperwork on these? These are not covered by strata building insurance is it?

    I guess what I'm trying to get at is what should one do if any of these break down after the purchase

    Any advice would be appreciated


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    Unfortunately a lot of people simply never get around to filling out warranty paperwork. That said, with things like some brand air con and HWS, if they have a 5 year warranty (anything less is irrelevant to you I guess- and I don't know of any ovens with 5yr wtys) as long as you can prove the purchase date and place you should be OK with receiving warranty service still. Most service agents are flexible, (I used to be) but by all means if you can get the info grab it (especially the HWS)

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    Hi Kenzel,
    Most, if not all, HWS's have the date of manufacture on them. So, this should help you should you need warranty service.
    If you're in Victoria and the cooling system is the ducted evaporative kind, you should have a sticker inside your electrical meter box. This is from the certificate of compliance from the plumber, unfortunately it's not dated, nor does it say what work the certificate is for, but it would be a start should something go wrong.
    Cheers, Sue

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    Kleenmaid have a 5 year warrenty. I have just had mine 3.5 years and have recieved an offer to extend the warrenty for a further 5 years. I will include these documents when selling and would ask for them when buying. May not be still available, but you never know if you dont ask.

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