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    Hi all
    We settled on our 2nd IP Friday. When we went for a pre settlement inspection to see all the vendors junk was gone with the RE agent he told us the key for under the house was back at his office. He agreed to go back the following day to check out under the house because I noticed when I first viewed the property there was alot of junk under there. He must have been blind as he told us it was mostly clear under there and we took his word for it. When we got the keys we found all the junk was still there.

    The million dollar question is, do we have any grounds after settlement to have the vendor to remove or pay to remove this junk or are we to be lumbered with it?

    Thanks for looking.

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    Hi Winzer

    I would be surprised if you have any recourse (unless it was written as a clause in the contractz).  That's what a pre settlement inspection is for.

    Without knowing what is under the house one man's trash is another man's tressure,  have a garage sale and see if you can make some bucks from it.


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    I would be speaking to the agents principal about his integrity.

    You also need to accept some responsibility.  You might have insisted the agent return with the key. 

    You should have known better than to take a REA at his word – especially close to settlement (his payday).

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    Unfortunately the full responsibility is on you Winzer to inspect these areas and not take anyone's "word for it".
    Having said that, for peace of mind, I would definitely contact the Principal in charge at the RE office and voice your disapproval at being verbally mislead. 

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