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    Hello all,

    Has any body used these reports … I know Neil Jenman recommends him and his reports appear reasonably priced …


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    I haven't ever bought Terry's reports, but I've read his books and follow the site. He is very respected and knowledgable, so I reckon they would be good value.

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    I have looked at some of his reports and they seem to make sense.
    However, it would be interesting to see if anyone has analysed his old reports (say 3-5 years back) and compared the predictions then with actual results.

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    I have bought two reports from Terry R thus far. One this morning, as a matter of fact.  I'm impressed with the information contained. They seem to be very well researched and written. Good value for money!,………….. in my book at least.
    I was also impressed with his recent article in API's August edition. 'The real stars of the show'.

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     I have bought two. (although i wish i bought them before i bought my IP). I find them handy for people like me who are just starting out in property investing.I understand the general areas that are booming. ( SE QLD etc). But i find the reports tell you before the areas increase to much and gives reasons why to buy there. Those reasons help me understand more about the market and help me find my own places to buy. I bought the latest SA report. Even though i know adelaide is likely to boom next this report goes into more detail about specific areas. Probably not worth it to more advanced investers but definately worth it for people starting out.

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    In fact, I need this opinion too, as I am considering to purchase his reports recently. Thanks.

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    Can anyone list  the suburbs that he is tipping in the Brisbane region ?

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    How much the report cost?  Where can I buy it? Does he has a web site?

    Thank you.

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    about $70

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    I purchased the Residex report Top 100 Brisbane ($215)… this seems a lot more expensive, however there is probally more info (100 compared to top10)…

    Have not bought any Hotspotting ones yet however as previous poster said I wonder if these types of reports have been consistant over the years?? And I wonder if they tip the same suburbs??

    Good Luck

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