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    Ok, all you clever people, Ive seen this done before and it worked very well for one other forumite.

    Im starting my new business in property management, in SA and I am looking for inspiration for a business name! I would have chosen my last name, only its been done already and the powers to be say I cant have it, and I am totally stuck for inspiration!

    Im not limited to any locations so I cant base the name on a location, and I cant use my name, so it doesnt leave me with many options! My business is solely focused on superior customer service, from the landlord to the tradies, and even the tenants! So many property managers forget about the tenants, or the landlord! But I dont plan on it. If that gives you an idea of our mission statement, to help with ideas, I dont know Im so stuck!

    There is a prize involved for the best name, and anyone who would like to help me will also recieve a little prize for their time. I would really appreciate the help, as I just cant think of anything! Any word whizzes out there?

    If you post a name, message me your address so I can post out your prize!

    Thank you all and good luck and keep up the good work with the investing! Remember, nothing worth having is easy!

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    Hi REQ, First post, hope I don't make a fool of myself.

    It is a tuff question, & without knowing you or anything about you makes it a little harder, but I'll throw 1 idea at you.

    What about:

    Properly Managed Real Estate.

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    If you want a website too, make sure that name is not taken when you are sifting through your business name ideas.

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    How about  "Landlords' Friend Property Management".

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    How about REAL ESTATE QUEEN? Sorry. Seriously , if you are having trouble registering the name you wanted to (with your surname?) and as you mentioned you are not suburb or locality specific, you can often appeal to the notice when you register a business name, give a good reason (as such) and it will possibly get the rubber stamp then. I remember many years ago going thought that, and they simply said' Oh, OK sent us a fax with that on it' and we'll let you register that business name.
    If still 'no go', perhaps you could incoporate the words 'integrity' 'Complete' 'services' or 'group'.  What about INTEGRAL PROPERTY SERVICES or COMPLETE PROPERTY MANAGMENT.  ? Maybe toss in the word 'Penninsula' (spelt correctly)  All the best. !!  (Let me know if you need my PO Box for the prize )

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    Some suggestions

    Choice Property Management
    Distinguished Property Management
    First Class Property Management
    Premium Property Management
    Positive Property Management (My favourite   : )  )
    Sterling Property Management
    Primary Property Management
    Dynamic Property Management
    Practical Property Management
    Leading Property Management
    Premier Property Management

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    Wow, I love these suggestions guys!

    They are all really good, and I especially loved Properly Managed Real Estate, what an awesome play on words, my only worry being that it is a bit of a mouthful, but I really like it. In fact, as soon as I check with my accountant to make sure someone else hasnt thought of the idea (I doubt it) this shall be the name of my new PM company!!

    So thank you to the rest of you who thought of great ideas, I really appreciate your help, and to chele, can you please contact me?

    Properly Managed Real Estate

    i love love love it!

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