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    Who draws up the contracts on a private sale – our solicitor or the seller?? We are buying my husband's mum's house without an agent, and are not sure who arranges the contract of sale.

    Also, is there anything else that deviates from the normal process?

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    The seller's solicitor.

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    Hi Somewhereoverthere,

    Depending on the relationship you have with your in-laws, it might be easier to go to your local bookshop and get a Do-It-Yourself Real Estate Sales Contract – and fill in the blanks.  They are usually in the same section of the bookshop as those DIY Will Kits….

    Or, you can get a Contract of Sale from the Real Estate Institute in your state – eg 
    There will be a fee of sorts – sorry I have no idea how much…



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    Type in DIY conveyencing into Google and you will find several companies with kits and instructions if this is the way you choose to go. I have also had an interfamily sale (I  was the seller) and we used the same conveyencer (just signed a stat dec saying both parties were aware and agreeable to the joint legal representation) and this reduced not only the cost but also the turn around time therefore a shorter settlement period. I have also conveyenced my own, this is not too hard IF you have the time and inclination. Now 2 children later, I am happy to pay the conveyencer (who is cheaper than the solicitor). Horses for courses but there are a couple of options.

    All the best

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    Hi SWOT,
                     I have always used my conveyancing solicitor to draw up the contract when doing such a deal.
    Good luck.

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