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    Hi everyone, my first post on these forums so here we go. Just bough a town house 2×1, now as you walk through the front door there is a stair case, to the left is the lounge room and my couch will only look right if it faces the stair case however there is an empty area under the stairs so it would look rather silly to put my tv and table in front of it. Any ideas what i can do or how i can turn that area into something useful?

    Any suggestions would be great.



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    This area can be used as storage (maybe TV cabnet with sliding arms so tv can be hidden). Or can your couch face the left but it will need some time to get used to it.

     If you send me a floor plan i can take a look. [email protected]


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    Fill in the space to create a storage area, then hang a you-beaut plasma on the wall facing the couch.

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    Cheers for the quick replies guys, yea i was thinking of turning it into a storage area for thing's i wouldn't need to access a lot as the tv would be sitting in front of it. It's a really strange area i can't explain but i will take some photos and post them, be a bit hard to show the space under the stairs etc without photos. Anyway i havent moved in yet because it settles on the 27th (9 days time) but during my final inspection this week i will get the photos. From what i can remember the area under the stair case it only about 1-1.5m tall and maybe 1.5m long, it stops because there is a wall which comes out and curves away from the front door, also bit hard to explain.

    Cheers Pete

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    Saw inside a great unit last week in Wagga Wagga with under stairs area used for bookshelves.

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       I've seen in a unit once that didn't have a lundry room they turned under the stairs into one and it worked well for the unit.

    Thanks Rob

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    just dont mess with the stringer and i wouldnt fix anything to it either.. and dont go knocking out any supports for the stringer too.. if its a timber wall just make up a small door and use it as storage, thats what 9/10 times i do at work..

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    Under my stairs is a lockable cupboard.  You can fit all sorts of things in there, but you do have to leave room for the door to swing…

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    A house can never have enough storage places…

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    we just moved into our house.  After several ideas, i have converted the lounge room into a theatre room.  As the stairs are in the middle of the house, i have used the back wall of stairs as a projection screen.  $40 tin of white paint (recommended for Cinema use)   I then cut holes in bottom of wall to recess speakers under the stairs.  I will then move my cabinet with the DVD, receiver etc under the house so it's out of the way.

    This is probably not ideal for a townhouse, but wanted to share my idea, to get you thinking on ideas.


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