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    Hi All,

    I have a conundrum I simply can't resolve. I wonder if there is an answer in here somewhere.
    Why is it the default senario that:
    bedrooms WITH built-in wardrobes carry more value than those WITHOUT?

    I recently quizzed a valuer for his suggestions on how to increase the value of a unit.
    (Mind you, this older unit is spacious, high-ceilinged, fancy cornice work, beautifully polished floors with precision skirting.)
    I'm thinking climate-controlly, security, smart-home type stuff.
    His answer, "Built-in wardrobes".
    My response, "Eh?"
    If I was a buyer, or even tenant, for this unit built-ins would be the first thing to go! They would totally ruin the aesthetic of the place.
    So, my comprehension is lacking here. Why does a $3000-5000 expenditure, which detracts from the appeal of the interiors, virtually guarantee an increase in value of $5000-8000?

    Is this a rule in the valuer's rule book which ignores every other factor and applies across the board?

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    Surely it's because the bloke who rents is prepared to pay more for a place with built-in than he is if he has to go out and buy wardrobes, or lug wardrobes around with him every time he moves house. Aesthetics is great, but you got to find someone to pay! Or am I missing something here?

    Harley.Beady Eyes

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    True Harley, as a renter, I always look for built ins. With a large family, wardrobes are just a hasle. The place is going to look alot better with clothes in a built in than all over the floor until I can go buy one, then try to lug in through awkward doorways and risk chipping doorways and paintwork!

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    if you are renting out the unit, and don't want to spoil aesthetics with a built in WR, get some cheap but modern looking metal type units from freedom or ikea.
    They are easy to assemble, easy to take from house to house and lightweight.

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    aesthetics pffft! YOU dont have to live there.  Most of us practical people are looking for as much built in cupboard space as possible.  I used to think carports stuck out in front of a house looked awful and wouldnt want it at my house. Tennants tho will pay extra knowing their car is safely out of the elements.

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    Thanks a million for your inputs, everyone. Maybe this indicates that I am a little anal on this issue and it's great to hear other opinions. (but I'm still confused)

    To clarify, this is the PPOR we're looking to convert equity from (do have to live here, sorry Milly). I am quite happy living without BIWs and if we put to rental market, it would be furnished with utterly appropriate standing wardrobes. You're right Harley, I ain't luggin neither.

    Still can't work out why up to $5000 of yukky built-in is worth more (val = +$8000) than, say, $3000 of hardwood 1920's cabinetry (val = +$0). Would it make a difference if they were dynabolted to the walls? If I were a buyer, I would see BIWs as a EXPENSE which would LOWER my offer. Removing "sore-thumb" fittings and restoring original features costs $$$$ Surely fittings should FIT the context.

    I completely understand the prospective tenant perspectives, but a tenant with major storage concerns aren't going to go for this unit anyway, due to floorage and storeys-up. Anyway, don't valuers look for saleability, rather than leaseability.

    Please shut me up by proving my naïvety.

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    Sparx said ; "Anyway, don't valuers look for saleability, rather than leaseability."

    Yes but are they not the same thing. It is, I would hazard to guess, basic ecconomics. ie supply and demand.
    At least some people thinking of buying will be investors, who prefer BIW for the previous stated reasons. Forces of ecconomics will always win out, even when we don't agree.

    Cheers, and good luck. 

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    Dont understand why you say they are not aesthetic? Built ins always look good to me when professionally done. Standalone warrobes however, turn me right off.

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    If you need robe/storage space you can do it cheaply and totally change the look of your rooms by using systems from IKEA. Look at the STOLMEN storage series, ANTONIUS storage system or PAX storage system.

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