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    Hi all, just wondering whether any of you have had an experience in moving an old house onto a block of land.  i have been in contact with one company who move it on, restump etc for price quoted.   what hidden extras are involved??, obviously driveway, landscaping, plumbing.   

    the block i am looking at has a covenant saying no use of second hand building materials, i have however spoken to the council who indicate that they dont even look at covenents, but assess on merits.   should i have any concerns with this?

    anyway would love to hear stories from any of you that have done the same/similar thing….  thanks.  

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    Yep, I was directly involved with the Ol' man buying a structurally sound 3br farmhouse, oh about 50k out the road from memory. 6k for house, 27k to deliver and the two parts of the houses joined together and new stumps. It was the windiest day the house arrived on the back of the truck I thought they would have picked a more normal day wind wise but they went ahead in the wind. About five workers in the team of deliverers they worked on the house to join it up and level it , re-stumped it and only took them about three days.

    Then me a dad and brother and whoever else came down to help went about the renovations over the next year or so at a slow steady pass, just mainly on weekends. Was mainly me and dad and brother.  The main key things we done were:

    Back porch section new second hand floor.
    New hot water cylinder stand and cylinder  outside of property.
    New second hand  double carport and concreted underneath.
    Interior wall paper peeled off (this was my job) and painting and plaster repairs throughout.
    New front door some new lights.
    Some electrical wiring replaced (by cousin electrician).
    Some plumbing fixed in kitchen.
    Bats put in roof.

    Overall roughly about 50k in cash used and price of house about 120k in todays market. Lot of hard work and a lot of hard yards. The block of land father had got few years earlier I don't know the exact story but comes with a larger block and he paid 1k for it, that's from knowing someone and 4 generations living in the same town! The population of this place is about 300-400 people.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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