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    I take what Chris says about designing by Committee [:)], but nevertheless wish to create a wish list of changes for this site.

    I have essentially ‘kicked-off’ with a look and feel for the site and forum (I’ve called this ‘version 1.0’), but essentially I am happy to bankroll this site as a facility for all property investors to profit from.

    As such I welcome thoughts and opinions on how to change for the better. So far from reading posts I’ve listed out:

    1. The cruddy lookling left hand side navigation bar
    2. Issues with posting without first logging in
    3. Privacy in showing names and e-mails
    4. Spell checker for the forum
    5. Marking posts as read / keeping track of new posts

    Are there any other things to add to the wish list? Just post them below and I’ll look to make monthly upgrades to incorporate as many of them as possible.


    Steve McKnight

    Steve McKnight | Pty Ltd | CEO

    Success comes from doing things differently

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    Hello Steve,

    Great site, and the suggestions so far are on the mark.
    One more suggestion is to have a link on the home site to all the OLD newsletters you have sent via email. I believe I have them all on my system, but think it would suit new members as an archival reference point.

    Unless there is a link on the page and I can’t find it…..

    Kindest regards

    p.s You really need to fix the system time.!!

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    p.s You really need to fix the system time.!!

    The System Time should now be fixed. Any posts posted now should have the correct time.

    Thanks for the feedback.


    Eugene Ware
    Property Investing.Com Web Developer
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    Thanks!! [:D]

    Keep smiling
    Felicity 8-)

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    Hi Steve,

    New to your site. Truly mindblowing! This IP is all new to me, I come from a science oriented background. Could I request a glossary page, for people starting out like myself, so we can keep up with the jargon?

    Good luck with the seminar


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