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    As the subject says.
    It is getting worse I believe.

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    Can’t say I’ve noticed speed issues (I assume you mean loading speeds), seems to be as fast as ever.

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    I agree, slow speed in last few weeks is really frustrating!!!!!

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    It is really bad. Kinda reminds me of my old 28.8k dial up modem logging into bullitin boards back in 1994 on the old 486 PC with Windows 3.1. I get nostalgic now everytime I use this site [biggrin] (Not) The best fix is to be doing something else or on another site and come back to this one every now and then to check if the pages have loaded. Only way I can put up with it! [strum]

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    I haven’t notice any speed issue in the last two weeks. My 2 cents.


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    The speed should be red hot now…

    I suggest you clear your cache.

    Please let me know if you are havingn further issues.

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    How does one clear one's cache please?

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    The speed shouldn't be much of a problem now. The comments in this thread were made before the new platform was launched (March 24th)

    There is always room for further optimisation however!

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