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    I am looking at purchasing an investment unit and townhome.Both these have low body corps and fairly good rent.What are members views on investing in units,pros and cons,,,much appreciated.thanks

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    Both types of properties can be good.

    Some factors to consider for maximising your investment returns;

    1. Land content – townhouses usually have more of this than units.
    2. Townhouses seem to be the more popular trend for families and even singles as they seem to want their own separate space, but without the work of huge yards, and the statistics tell us that family sizes are shrinking and single person purchases are increasing.
    3. There may be more ability to add value to a freestanding townhouse (inside and out). Units can be more restricted by the others in the complex – you may not be able to alter the exterior too much.

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    I also think it would depend on how many units/townhouses are in the complex. You might not want a unit where there are 200 others in the building. May reduce CG potential.

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