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    Where I live I have discovered that the VIC department of primary industry has a by-law called the Domestic ( Feral & Nuisance) Animals Act. This Act wasintroduced in 1994 and replaced the Dog Act. Under this act a residential house cannot have a dog for the purpose of guarding a property. Also your dog cannot bark as it will be deemed as a nuisance dog. I have decided I will not be replacing my dog when it passes away but purchasing a security alarm instead. As my dog is now useless as a guard dog due to this by – law.

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    I can sympathize with the crazy by-laws some councils have. We have 4 large dogs (2 on their way out and 2 up and comers) on an acre, but we do have neighbors and fences so we are very mindful of how much noise they make. I view my dogs as a preventative security measure. Our dogs have beautiful temperaments (althought strangers wouldn’t know that) and as 1 is a retired pig hunting dog he looks fairly awsome so it would take a desperate thief or sicko to jump our fence in order to burglarize our home or harm our children. I would rather be notified when someone is at our fence or gate than when their head is halfway through my daughters window. In saying that some insurance companies give you a reduction on your home insurance if you have a security system so lash out and have both. The only thing we were told is to not put one of the signs that say ‘Dangerous Dog’ on your fence because you are admitting that there is a dangerous dog on the premises so if a burglar (or worse) breaks in and gets bitten he can sue you. We were told to only install the sign ‘Guard dogs on Duty’ as it notifies that there are dogs on the premises that are trained to behave a certain way in certain circumstances. I couldn’t imagine life without my mate ‘Duke’. Julie

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