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    New to the investment property game and looking for some tips to get started.
    eg Has anyone used and what was your experiance like?
    Looking more to test the water before i wet my feet. Any advice would be much apprieciated.

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    Hi Molly

    Sorry, I don’t know As you are just starting out I’d suggest you read Steve’s latest book. Good luck.

    Cheers, Paul

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    Hi Molly
    I suggest you simply read alot of books that give different perspectives on property investment. to truly understand the system you must come to your own conclusions and be able to comprehend a situation or oppurtunity using your own knowledge and insight rather than that which you mimic from a particular book. Steve’s books are very insightful and a good overview and the best that i have read, but reading a little extra is a great way to boost your confidence and knowledge. Stay clear of books that are designed to stroke the ego’s of the writers… many of them.

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    if you are new to investing you should become as involved in your investments as much as you possibly can to gain knowledge and make informed decisions. Very successful investors don’t hand over control of their ship to anyone else.

    Companies like exist to help the lazy, or time challenged, and they pay a premium for the service by way of a finder’s fee built into the price of the property. This is usually a few thousand dollars. It is easier to use a company like this, same as the reason why so many people by ‘off the shelf’ mutual funds. No work required.

    If you have the time and want to maximise your investing dollars, you could find these deals on your own.

    Invest those few thousand dollars in your own education and it will reap you many tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars over your investing career.

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    we are looking to buy an investment property in Qld soon, anyone have any tips on where to buy?

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    Can i ask why Qld.

    I have one or two properties in Qld and am looking to diversify interstate for new few acquisitions.

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    Hi Molly
    Cash Flow Positive is a company that sells a lot of property throughout Australia.
    I sell property via them and many other companies like them.
    They believe in full disclosure and whilst others may suggest you could save a few dollars by doing it on your own, you rightfully understand you need the knowledge to do this!
    A software program was developed by a school teacher and her husband and they now have many properties.
    Jan Somers is the lady and you could not go wrong purchasing her books and looking up her program on the web address above.
    I and my finance colleagues are also happy to help, and yes I sell investment property!

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