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    Any one used a buyers agent before. if so, where and were they any good ??? I have never used one and ate thinking of using one in perth or melb to help find a property.

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    Hi all

    I rang 1 when I had a property for sale, they didn’t even ring me back to say they had no one on the books looking for my type of property..

    Not impressed. if they had, I may have rang them for my next – I didn’t. They may be more polite to buyers tho.

    If they don’t have seller? I guess they check the real estate agents like we do.

    My thoughts anyway, good luck.



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    They work purely for the purchasers and get their commissions from them not the vendors.

    A good one can negotiate better sale terms and price and knows generally what properties would be selling for. Because they are in the market all day every day, it is unlikely they would overpay for a property or buy on emotion like a purchaser would do.

    If you were looking in Adelaide, I would be able to recomend a great one, I’m married to him [biggrin]

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    I just used one in Perth to buy our first (and only) investment property. They charge 2%. You need to have pre-approval for finance before they will deal with you. Once you have that, they couldn’t be nicer.
    Unfortunately once the wheels are set in motion, it can feel like waiting for a bus. Feeling anxious, I would email my buyer agent ‘potential’ deals I spotted on and he would email me back reasons why it was crap with 3 comparable properties as a rationale. I chose to have a meeting with them before I went ahead, which was fantastic because the director used a whiteboard to outline a strategy and made me feel like my dreams could come true – which I feel like they have even though it is early days. My buyer agent loved the negotiating with the REA part the best, so I knew I was in safe hands and I got a good deal.
    I would recommend this awesome gang to anyone interested in using a buyer agent; friendly, professional, flexible and 100% approachable.
    Don’t know what PMing is, but if you do that I can give you their website details. Good luck, whatever you decide.

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    Two that I know of in WA that also get some press are the Hegney Group (Valuers as well) and PropertyWizards

    Sorry, never dealt with either…

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    I used the latter [fear]

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    Originally posted by jec:

    Any one used a buyers agent before. if so, where and were they any good ??? I have never used one and ate thinking of using one in perth or melb to help find a property.

    Before I go to far let me give a disclaimer…
    One of the companies in my Group is Australia’s leading Buyers Agency with offices in Melbourne and Brisbane Metropole Buyers Agency
    I am not an agent – but my wife is so obviously I am biased

    Having said that, some people benefit using a buyer’s agent, while others don’t need to use their services.

    For example, if you are considering buying in Melbourne, as you suggest you are, and you don’t know the different areas you could fall into some big traps.

    Only this week I saw a lady who came over from Perth and bought 2 properties on Saturday, within an hour of each other. She had done a few days research and thought she had bought 2 bargains because they were cheaper than Perth – boy was she wrong.[blush2]

    You see… in the one suburb the value of a proeprty can vary by 10% or more just by being in a different street, and if you didn’t know the suburb well, you may think you picked up a bargain.

    Please read the following artcicle which will give you an idea of how a buyer’s agent could help you..—how-buyer%26%2339%3Bs-agents-work

    But remember not all buyer’s agents are the same. Just like not all selling agents are as good as the other, same with accountants, solicitors etc.

    Last month Metropole Buyers Agency bought 13 properties in Melbourne and 6 in Brisbane for clients from all over Australia. And 4 were repeat clients – so they must see some value.

    One last hint. here is a checklist you could consider when choosing a buyer’s agent ….

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