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    Does anyone know of any finance providers that offer 90%LVR Loans?

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    I am assuming there must be more to the question than meets the eye.

    I don’t know a lender that does not offer a 90% LVR so i am assuming that you mean on either lodoc, nodoc, LOC or something else.

    If you want to post more information on what you are wanting i am sure that we can help you further.


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    hi novo,
    Most bank and non bank lenders will provide up to 95% LVR loans for both owner occupied and Invsetment properties. You will find 100% or more also for PPOR but at a premium interest rate. So called ‘LO DOC ‘ loans are usually 70%LVR if less than 2 years ABN, or 80% for >2 years. Much over this and you pay for it- dearly. Bear in mind, as a generalisation you will require Lenders Mortage Insurance for any loan over 80% LVR, and this can be affected by the postcode you buy in. All the best.

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    100% loans are also available for investment properties.

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    Sorry – I was a bit hasty with my forum posting. Bit hard to get a moment to myself to post anything on the forum with a 2 yr old and 5 yr old brawling with each other most of the day! One’s having a nap and the other is out shopping with her father, so I finally have a few minutes to myself….[exhappy]

    We currently have 4 properties, all financed by LoDoc loans, as summarised below:

    PPOR: Valued at $520,000; owe $416,000; interest rate is 8.75% .
    IP 1: valued at $250,000; owe $200,000; interest rate is 8.35%.
    IP 3: Valued at $340,000; owe $264,000; interest rate is 7.74%.
    IP 4: Valued at $700,000; owe $540,000; interest rate is 7.74%.

    We are looking at 90% LVR for IP 3 and IP 4 now, and for IP 1 and PPOR in the next 6 months (after we’ve completed some renovations).
    The reason why we want to access more equity is to acquire more properties to develop – now is the best time to buy, but we don’t have access to any cash reserves. We have seen so many opportunities lately, but can’t do a thing about them!

    Our broker has suggest we look for deals where we put little of our money in, and we have heard Ed Chan from Chan & Naylor allude to ‘no money down’ deals. Does anyone have knowledge/experience in this area?



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    Hey Novo,

    There are quite a few lenders out there that offer 90% Lodoc even 95% however they usually incur higher interest rate. As v8ghia mentioned you will need a 2 year ABN for anything this high though.

    I’ve did a no money down deal a few months ago and am just about to try and do one for myself cause I’ve ran out of capital[glum].

    Richard or Terry might be able to explain them a little better but if you search ‘no money down’ deals on the forum it should come up with several different strategies.

    The deal I did was for a member of this forum and she found a property under market value and was able to borrow against valuation rather then contract price.


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    To give you some idea here are some rates you may expect to pay
    Lo Doc (2 Years+)
    90% 9.55%
    95% 9.70%
    You may also find other fees and PostCode restrictions.

    In other words the costs are quite high, so take that into account.

    Go to any property spruiking seminar and they always bring up money down deals. There are different ways to do them, but they are not that easy to find, as they are to roll off the tongue.

    The hardest is undervalued property, the easiest is buying off the plan where construction may be 18 months + and capital growth in the area kicks in. Always – Due Diligence on the property is the key.


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    very difficult to find no money down deals, that will be profitable for you.

    You need to create these kind of deals with a bit of work. ie wraps or lease options.

    If you have excess weekly cash income, Maybe find someone who has available equity. An equity partner for a partnership on a joint venture!

    Or you could approach an off the plan developer who will get finance for you with little money down….. Personally I’d rather throw money out the window than risk it with the shady shark devolpers this way.

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    Not sure why you are paying such high rates for your low doc loans.

    If you have clean credit, and have done your BAS returns, then should be able to bring a Low Doc 90 in around mid 7s. Do not require end of year returns as BAS reflect your income.

    Hope this helps


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