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    I am deciding whether or not to buy a property in England and like the original post the decision is how much to invest. My father does it mostly himself doing demolition, reconstruction and decoration. He hires a plumber and electrician and sometimes other for windows and door (although he does them also)

    I on the other hand can only really do demolition and decoration. I would need to hire the rest, but I probably would turn over more houses with less profit.

    A second option was to do no work just hand over money. There is only one property investment company that i have found which does this but you simply hand over your cash, they do the rest from buying, doing up and selling.

    Seems too good to be true?

    If anyone has any advice please let me know by replying.

    I’m leaning towards the first option; however the second would enable me to have a main job also.

    Decisions, decisions. [strum]

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    Check out this guy. A friend of mine in England says Ajay is a property guru over there.

    Todd Burns

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    Hi Jonathan
    I actually receive a monthly newsletter from Ajay, he has the same deal, hand over money and they will do the rest, it does sound a very easy way to go. I am very interested in buying ppty. in the UK and would be interested in sharing any info. I have just returned from the UK last Sat.

    PM and let me know how you go with your project.

    Just about to get into P/I in a large way with an aim to early retirement and having fun along the way.

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