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    Well i just got a quote for getting some tiling done and as far as im concerned its alot of money

    Is there a really easy to undertsand DIY DVD on tiling from scratch, incluiding removing existing tiles, waterproofing, tiling, grouting etc.

    Kind regards

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    I don’t know of any DVDs but Bunnings regularly runs DIY sessions on tiling. Would be worth giving this a try especially because its free!

    Good luck,

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    I had a quote for floor tiling once that would have made a dentist blush!

    I went to Bunnnings and the guy showed me what to do. Armed with all the gear, a mate and a carton of beer we did a fantastic job.

    Had trouble getting decent cutting done so I left all the bits that needed smaller pieces. I marked the cuts and took them to a tile place who cut them for me for about $20.

    Was an IP that didn’t need a spectacular job,


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    Tiling – as for removing – hammer and chisel I find best.
    Bunnings have water proofing kits for around $70.00.
    A tile cutter for straight cuts about $ 40.00
    You can get an adjustable attachment for your drill for round holes
    (you should find it in the tiling section at bunnings)
    any tricky bits mark and take to a tile shop or a concrete cutting firm.
    ring around not all tile place etc will do it.
    also bunnings have kits you can use to fix levels on floor.

    finally hunt around the net on the DIY sites, I found info on them on how to.

    one tip don’t dut corners checking levels on all 4 floor to wall sites, I did and got into a bit of bother, luckily I could fix it easily, but I know better for the next one.

    Its a big job in Bathrooms, on my next one I am hiring some one to remove them and straighten the walls. most of the concrete came off with the tiles around the tapes in the shower and it is very tricky filling the gaps and getting the wall straight around taps.

    Good luck and have fun[biggrin]


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    I also visit Bunnings regularly – their DIY is quite informative, however I went for a quick course on tiling at our local Tafe (two day course over 2 weekends) I found it invaluable and was able to do the tiling on our IP and it looked great. They also showed us how to screed which is helpful in uneven areas.

    Good luck.

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