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    I am hoping someone can help me. I puchased a property a few years ago with the intention of developing it in the future (should be ok for 4* 3 br units or 3 townhouses), but I am unsure of all of the costs I should consider so see whether it is viable at this stage or but on the back burner until a few more years pass. Does anyone know of a template available for this purpose?

    Thanks in advance,


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    One relevant area is Council fees. Get an idea of the cost of the building value and go to your local Council and request in writing a quote of Council fees – Planning/Development Application, Inspections, Plumbing Inspections, State levies, and developer contributions. You will need to give the address of the subject land for this calculation.

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    We use feastudy to calculate all feasability on development.

    Investment Property Management

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    I can help you with your feasibility template…
    I am a commercial lending broker predominantly focused on residential and commercial developments. I have a simple excel model which I use. It also comes in handy to show lenders within proposal for finance. Always willing to assist.

    Wade Greasley | Bluewater Financial Pty Limited
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    Thanks for your replies. Your excel template sounds great Wade, if you could email me a copy at [email protected] it would be very muh appreciated.



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    Hi Wade,

    I to would be really interested in your template for feasibility. I am assessing an investment property at the moment so any extra analysis assistance would be excellent.

    My email address is [email protected]


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    Some friends of mine have put their house up for sale, and I am helping them with it. They are looking to sell it to Developers or anyone else. I would be interested if you can send this to me.

    They have also used a Quantity Surveyor as well in relation to the subdivision of the property.  It is 1061m sq flat and rectangular.

    It might be worth while using a quantity surveyor as well for your project as they should know the costings and depreciation schedule.

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