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    Hi All,

    Now that Steve McKnight & Dave Bradley have annouced that they are going their respective “investing” ways. I just wanted to post my sincere thanks and gratefulness to both of you, for all you have done – with or without your knowledge – for me and my investing future. Without getting all mushy, in many ways you were a both a great team for me, and I wont forget that.

    If anyone else has a great Steve/Dave story or “thank you” (I’m sure there are many)…………….post it here.

    Hutch [glum]

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    Thats news to me!

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    Hi Hutch

    Missed that one, where was the announcement?


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    Its news to me too! What happened?


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    Yep – Dave and I have shaken hands, thanked each other for the memories, and decided to part ways.

    There is no gossip or hidden agenda. We had simply reached a point in our business relationship where we wanted different things.

    Rather than compromise and end up with a lose-lose outcome, we respected each other enough to end on a high.

    No doubt our friendship will continue and we’ll be able to bouce and support each other in our new businesses.


    Steve McKnight

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    Steve McKnight | Pty Ltd | CEO

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    Originally posted by SteveMcKnight:


    Yep – Dave and I have shaken hands, thanked each other for the memories, and decided to part ways.

    There is no gossip or hidden agenda. We had simply reached a point in our business relationship where we wanted different things.

    Rather than compromise and end up with a lose-lose outcome, we respected each other enough to end on a high.

    No doubt our friendship will continue and we’ll be able to bouce and support each other in our new businesses.


    Steve McKnight

    Remember that success comes from doing things differently.

    Nawwww, come on Steve… we wanted good old fassion, behind-ya-back gossip! Haha. But seriously, I think I speak for everyone here in thanking you for the ideas and concepts you’ve brought us together, and I’m sure you’ll both excel in in the paths you walk down seperated…

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    Hi Steve

    So whats new at and what can one expect to see moving forward in regard to your direction?

    I have attended one of the masterclasses last year and found it enlightening as well as a great way to network. I was also wondering what may be on your agenda for 2007 as I recall you intend to spend more time with the family in 06.


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    Hi Guys,

    I wish you the very best in both of your seperate endevours. Think about how many lives you’ve touched and take that positive Karma into your new pathways,


    (did you really think you could get rid of me that easily? ;))

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    Originally posted by Hutch:
    If anyone else has a great Steve/Dave story or “thank you” (I’m sure there are many)…………….post it here.

    I’ll post a thank-you and a story in here.

    Thank-you to Steve and Dave for giving me my first job, and for the time and patience you invested into me over the 4-and-a-half years I worked for you both.

    As for a story…

    Back in 2001, I was a year 12 student who had a keen interest in real estate investing and I received a call out of the blue from Dave.

    I’d known Steve and Dave for a year-or-so – they both come to a Cashflow game I had organised, and I’d been to their first ‘seminar’ which was really an informal dinner Steve and Dave put on to help answer people’s questions.

    The call from Dave was inviting me to join him for a trip to see some of his investment properties, and see a wrap go ahead.

    This was an offer I couldn’t refuse!

    I said yes, excitedly told my parents, and straight away went to my room to look for what tracksuit I was going to wear. (Steve and Dave were known for wearing old tracksuits when investing, and I didn’t want to look out of place).

    The next day, Dave pulled up in the driveway and picked me up.

    For anyone who has any illusions of the type of people Steve and Dave are – they’re not motivated by red Ferrari’s, expensive suits and the usual signs people associate with wealth.

    In fact, Dave’s car was a late-80’s-early-90’s Hyundai Excel. The paint on the bonnet had flaked, the drivers seat sagged on one side, and whenever you got it above 80km’s the bonnet flapped and the steering shook.

    So travelling down the highway at 110kph, I was a little nervous that floor beneath my feet was going to fall away and I’d be sucked onto the road below.
    (This just added to how nervous I was already – I was sitting in the car next to THE David Bradley – and he was taking me to see his properties!)

    I started asking Dave about what I could expect to see, and how the deals worked. We talked about real estate agents, the property market and investing strategy.

    It was great!

    I was going to see a wrap too – which was exciting. But one thing which confused me is how to work out what a fair and reasonable selling price was when setting up a wrap contract.

    So I made the mistake of asking Dave.

    Dave replied “Actually – that reminds me, I need to work out the figures for the wrap we’re going to see today” – he shifted his knee up and held the (shaking) steering wheel and turned to dig around the back seat for his calculator (while the car shook and rattled, driving at 110kph).

    I dug my nails into the seat and nervously asked;

    “Would you like me to find it for you?”

    “No no, it’s alright” Dave replied, glancing back onto the road to make sure there was no oncoming danger.

    I breathed a sigh of relief the second he found the calculator – but it was only for a second, because his eyes stayed off the road. Still steering with his knee, he turned his brown financial calculator on and started punching in numbers and explaining he was running numbers to find a figure which gave him enough profit in the deal – and was a fair price for the buyer.

    Every few seconds, he glanced up from the calculator on his knee to make sure we were still on the highway, and we weren’t about to run into the back of someone.

    By this time my heart was racing, and my fingernails were practically embedded into the grey-blue seat of the vibrating Hyundai Excel. I was sure we were going to blow a tyre, run off the road and be another number on Victoria’s road toll that year.

    “Do you want me to punch the numbers into the calculator?”

    “No, it’s ok – … and the interest rate is…” Dave replied continuing which his explaination of the numbers.

    I was very happy to get out of the car when we arrived in town.

    I got to see some of the deals Dave had on the go, plus drove past some which had already been bought and sold. It was a long day, and it was dusk by the time we got home.

    A few months later, I received another call – this time it was to ask me if I wanted to come and work for the boys.

    What an offer!

    For most of Steve and Dave’s investing career, they only had one employee – an admin manager. And they with their previous admin manager (Tim) finishing up and moving elsewhere, they were offering me this role!

    I said Yes straight away, and started a few weeks later.

    Shortly after I started, Dave asked me if I was enjoying working for them.

    I explained I was finding it challenging but was enjoying it – and commented that I was surprised to be offered the job – after all I hadn’t even been interviewed!

    Dave laughed and replied “But you did get interviewed”

    “When?” [eh]

    “That trip to see the properties was your job interview.”

    After four-and-a-half years working with Steve and Dave, I can’t say nice enough things about the guys. They’re genuine in their motives, and are always out to help people – and in an industry full of sharks they’ve made sure their integrity was non-negotiable.

    As employers, they were patient enough to take someone who only had a high school education, and turn that person into their admin manager – and later their event coordinator, and marketing coordinator.

    And they took an interest in helping me to develop the skills I needed to achieve my goals – not just the skills I needed to do my job.

    I’ve recently taken a new job doing business development work for a stock-market education company (if you’re interested, click here) and I wouldn’t be here without them.

    So thank-you guys. Your help and mentoring has meant a lot to me.


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    This a very bad news.

    This is showing how the current state and decline of teh property market starts to bit everyone.

    I wonder what are the eral reasons behind this?, too much debt? risk?


    The net result is not so much lies, damn lies and statistics but rather vendor dreaming, buyer wishing and agent glossing.

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    hi all
    I read with interest this post
    There are changes with in all organisations and I would not be suprised if people wish to move from them and if as steve says its amicable then thats a good thing.
    I don’t think that you can infer that is got anything to do with market forces
    I know that clones you don’t think this is a good time to invest
    well for me it is and I don’t have people leaving my ship they are joining it if anything.
    as for steve and dave the reasons they parted for me is there business
    and noone elses
    as they are a business there are somethings that stay within a business
    and I for one don’t think it would advance me one step to know what those reasons were.
    I wish both of them luck in there endevours and even thou we may have our difference of opinion on alot of issues, I think that the most that is required on a parting of the ways within any organisation is simply
    we have parted end of story for me.
    my .002

    here to help
    If you want to get involved in some of the projects I’m involved in email to [email protected]

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    Hi Brent,

    Thanks for the interesting story about your encounter with Dave and your history with PI. I enjoyed reading it indeed.

    And good luck too with your new venture.

    With regard to the Split, yes I feel sorry about it. But can fully understand the situation as well. The important thing is they are still good friends. And it’s only each of them has now a differently new goal in life, after achieving their common goal prior.

    I’d like to thanks Dave for his new plan and undertaking as well. Appreciate very much the time in association with him, especially during the commencement of the Results program.


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    Hi Steve & Dave
    I am sorry to hear about the end of your joint business relationship. However as we all learn and grow in business and in life, we find we need to move on to fulfill new aspirations.

    I have to tell you guys, that I had spent many years with a negative opinion about investing, before I started to educate myself in real estate investing. Eventually I attended your seminar (actually a few of them), read your books, and listened to your audios. It has changed my life. You have provided great tools for myself and others like me, who had no mentors, and no one to help us understand what real estate investing is all about.

    All the very best for the future to both of you. And thankyou for inspiring us to do better for ourselves.

    (PS: I do hope that can continue to thrive).

    Jules [angel]

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    What effect does this have on Steve’s and Dave’s foundation, and it goals?

    I’ve always admired the strategies for the foundation and hope it’s not effected at all?


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    The question was asked,

    If anyone else has a great Steve/Dave story or “thank you” (I’m sure there are many)…………….post it here

    Well, in brief.
    I met Dave about 5 years ago socially, & had no idea of his background. Over time we became friends & I found him to be a great sounding board for advice & ideas, both on a business (not property) front, as well as personal.
    I won’t bore you with the details but i am 10 times the person that I was back then, 90% due to Dave & the rest the RESULTS program directly & indirectly. Since Joining the RESULTS program I have become to know Steve a little too. These two have few peers in my eyes when it comes to being just ‘really good people’!!! You just have to read Brent’s post above to realise that. Who has ever seen anything like that from an ex employee????
    I would like to say thank you to you both on behalf of myself & Bec for providing us a really good future that is so clear now we can almost touch it.
    And to those who chose to doubt, I am 100% certain that these two great men will go onto bigger & better things & there is no way known that the RESULTS program or anything to do with will drop in standard in any way, shape or form.
    Well done guys & we truly wish you the best

    Troy n Bec


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    Hello all,
    I just heard the news…hope all is well for both Dave & Steve?
    Will this have any effect on the results 2 program? Will we still see both of you guys at the get togethers or will we only see one of you?

    As the accountant always says, expect a dispute. There will be differences in all partnerships at some stage. They don’t usually last a lifetime and people’s values do change with time. This is why documents are put into place.

    Change is good. Maybe you guys will find different oportunities as well now. Good luck with whatever you do decide you are doing. Please keep us informed to what you intend. And the biggest thank you from me as a newcomer to the investing industry. You have been my inspiration and I will be forever grateful for that.

    Much love & hugs to you both.
    Dianne Burns

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    That’s more like it!
    Great story, great post Brent. That sums them both up.

    I don’t know why ‘Clones’ seems to think “this is very bad news”. What would this be based on Clones?

    No conspiracy theories please….its not really our beez wax as to their reasons.

    Business partnerships – just like marriages/friendships – move in different directions over time and it’s good to see that they have recognised this, before it got nasty or spiteful in any way.


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    I too would also like to say a huge thank you to both Steve and Dave for providing this FREE forum service to us property nuts. I have linked up with some amazing people from this site which has given me the motivation to continue on the road to financial freedom.
    I also enjoyed attending your Masterclass in Brisbane and wish you every success in the future.
    Kind regards

    “It is better to be inconspicuously wealthy, than to be ostentatiously poor…”

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    If Dave Bradley is still buzzing around this forum. Would also love to hear your thoughts on your investing past, and what you think the future holds for your investing future.

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    Just logged on to have a quick squiz and low and behold, Steve and Dave are parting company.
    I must say I was a bit suprised. I thought you guys seemed like you were glued to the hip, so to speak. Good luck for the future guys!
    Business partnerships are hard to maintain over a long period of time. But the most important thing is that your friendship will still remain. And really that is the most important thing. Because lets face it, friendship is priceless. I guess both of you guys have matured in your investing and in business over the years etc. Naturally, you are both ready to move out of your comfort zone and embark on your new journey with the new found confidence and skills that you have aquired over time.
    I would like to sincerely thank you both for providing myself and my partner the inspiration and confidence in investing in property. We love your books and your website. And seriously if it wasn’t for you guys we would not have believed that we could own nearly 2mil in property etc today!And the best part is that we get an income from it too!
    And a special thank you to Steve for your inspiring comments that you wrote on my book that time you were in the Perth Convention Centre a couple of years ago.
    When ever I think that property is too hard or that the tennants are giving brain damage etc, all I do is read that page and give myself a good kick up the bum and just keep going.
    Keep up the good work and best of luck!

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