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    Anyone have any tips for purchasing a oven/cooktop/rangehood package Can you get one for $1000 range?[inlove]


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    You may get an enamel package with the old style solid elements for that price, but you need to spend $1500-$2000 to get stainless steel . Have you tried looking in the local papers for auctions in your area you might get a bargain that sometimes still come with warranties.


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    you certainly should be able to get a package for around the $1000 mark…you may just have to search around a bit. dont forget about installation etc ? this may cost you a bit.

    id be wary of some unknown “european” appliances as warranty issues can be a real hassle sometimes..whereas well known australian brands are generally quite reliable. perhaps even to find the bargain you are looking for, you could try “seconds” sales? i know the thought of damaged goods seems like a no-no but you can get some excellent appliances at a highly discounted price!



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    Not sure what area you are in, but try some of these sites.
    May be able to pick up what u are after or get an idea on prces.

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    I have found that it is easy to search for appliances on the internet to assess the features of the appliances. Once I have narrowed down to a model, ring the stores directly and negotiate over the phone for that specific model number. Worked really well and recieved an amazing discount compared to if I had walked into the shop. The Electrolux site also has a compare function to compare the features of different models. Once you have done some background investigation, rung around, will make walking into the shop much easier.
    I’m not comfortable yet with purchasing site unseen, so will always finalise in person. I also steer away from second hand/auctions due to lack of experience in this area!
    Good luck, if you do find a package can you let me know!!!

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    Often the big outlets have an end of financial year sale soming up soon, and perhaps offer cash for a better deal. Otherwise the auction rooms are good, but I’ve also bought products that are excess to builders needs off

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    Try Grays Auctions, We went on saturday, (melbourne)…ovens for $350, 4 burner cook tops from $100, ranges from $50………all reno items, say 50% of retail price.but new.

    They do other main cities too…


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    Also I have found some bargains on

    There are some old second hand stuff, but also wholesalers who have set up shop on this website

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