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    We just brought a unit, in very good condition. Problem is the inside is very 70’s styles with the wooden wall (the thin cheap looking ones) kitchen in good condition with the 70’s look, bedrooms cover in girlie paper wall….the owner was an old lady, so everything is clean and neat and in very good condition. I feel its such a wasted of money to reno but I also think – keeping it as it is well limited my market for rental. What should I do?
    How much does it costs to replace a new kitchen (estimate)?? Should I strip the girlie paper? its in very good condition…

    There seem to be so much to do and we don’t know where to start.
    Any advice is welcome.

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    ummm, why did you buy this?

    the rental market shuns burnt orange bench tops just as much as the buying market does…..ooops sorry, you just bought it….

    why…..its like going to a car yard and coming home with a Valiant or a Leyland haha.


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    A new kitchen will cost for cupboards etc about $3,500 plus sink taps $250- $300 – plumbing & electricity about $2,000 dishwasher $600
    tiles and tiling walls $700. paint & extras perhaps some plastering $150-250. Oven Hotplates & Fan $1000.00. If you are retiling floor then allow about $16.00 per sq metre for tiles and $40 per sq metre to lay. If the kitchen is in good condition just repaint walls & cupboards- there is also paint on the market to paint the tiles if they are old fashioned and put on new modern cupboard door handles. Making it look fresh & clean with light colours will lift it. I would strip the wall paper and just paint walls & ceiling and timber skirting – 4 litres of each will cost $120.00 total but will make huge difference. Most of the cost will be your labour and about $400 for paint and new handles to lessen 70’s look, but will make it more attractive to rent and probably get you an extra $10 per week

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    Thanks heaps for your reply Suelever, now we know our price ranges we can compare the price and start our reno. I very excited about this project as its our first and we’ve been looking forward to start our IP for a long time.

    Thanks Brahms for your (-) contributions, it is our first property we brought and we got it for a good price in a growing area. The rental is near +cf, after having some great advice from fellow forum surfers we believe by adding value to the property we could get the unit +ct.


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