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    Does anyone know anything about the process of buying a new transportable house and putting it on a block of land? I’ve heard a few people do it, with either old or new houses, but I’ve never done it myself. What things do I need to watch out for, like the dimensions of the house with respect to the block, the re-stumping process, approval from the local shire, connection to water/sewerage/etc?

    Have you found it a worthwhile project, or not?



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    If you get an old one look out for asbestos, it may cost 5K or 6K to replace it.

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    Hi happyjack 72

    I also looked into this a while back. I would suggest starting off with the local council. They should be able to walk you through the process step by step. They should also be able to give you ideas for costs of the application, the headworks, the parks contribution etc. Speaking to council will give you an idea of what else you need to do, it is a good starting point.

    I found the removal companies very nice to deal with and they were able to answer loads of my questions as well.

    Good luck!


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    People have done this and created huge lumps of equity and value just in one deal. However, people have done this and seen their expenses and budget blow out big time (and I mean big time!)
    Removable companies are a good place to start and also have a scratch around the forum here as there are people who have done well and some who didn’t fare as well…

    Research and knowledge is so imperative for these deals. They can be a goldmine or a money pit. I believe if you know what you’re doing, attend to the details and have the temperament to do it (patience etc.) you’re on a lucrative path my friend.

    Good Luck…FL

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    We did a removal house 2 years ago in Qld and made a large profit on sale but it was a HUGE job upgrading the house to today’s building standards. We also found the $20k bond the Council held as security a huge drain on the cash flow. Very rewarding but a lot of work. Happy to send some photo’s just send me a PM.

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    Purchased a transportable for a beach house in SA in 1998. Some tips as follows:
    The purchase price of the transportable is usually fairly competitive. The house buillders try to make their profit on changes to their standard design, installation and site works (,extra doors, pergolas, electrics, plumbing etc) Try to minimize “other” work done by house builder.
    Traps if you subcontract “other” works yourself are.
    If you need cut and fill for the base, the house builder will want a waiver of being responsible for any cracking or damage to the house if the foundations moves. Be sure your earthwork contractor knows what he is doing or leave it to the house supplier and pay a premium.
    For “other” work, try to find one local cotractor to take care of all disciplines (eg. all electrics, plumbing etc.) otherwise you will be the meat in the sandwich between a number of different contractors. Get some competitive quotes, three max should suffice and try for a fixed price.
    The house supplier will usually quote on delivered to site, placed on blocks/stumps and tied down. It is probably best to let them look after that.
    Hope that helps.

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