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    [hair2][hair2]i first went down to port kembla about 6 years ago and thought “have a go at this place”..shops boarded up and the majority of the rest had thick wire mesh as protection. hookers roamed the streets and drugs were rampant.thought. Who would be stupid enough 2 buy in this place? bout 4 yrs ago bought a4 bedroom place ,oean views for 180k. compromised and realised for my price range this is the only place close to wollongong and sydney that i can worth 250k now.Nothing has changed in regards to hookers and drugs and pollution from steelworks about the same……..started renting house as rooms to get more money bout 2 yrs ago and said 2 my missus ,,dont wont women in there as they always trouble..always some guy tyrin 2 pork em no matter what threy look like& next thing u know it he is stayin there to…/ things went well untill i thought cant rent these last 2 rooms and this chick wanted 2 move in……yeah rightio you will do(about 45 yrs old and as ugly as a hatfull of bums no way she could be a pro.) i let her in…guess wat ???? she was a pro and suddenly things went missing(eg microwave bought 4 $ 10 …at garage sale toaster,bloke who only had one legs crutches, false leg ,etc, etc, etc, etc,etc……. got her out after about 2 months but not before everyone elses room had been broken into and everyone else had left……….moral of the story….sometimes better to lose abit of rent in the short term and get the right tenant in…better for rent in the long term…[cigar]

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    That’s a funny post! [thumbsupanim]

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