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    omg… I lost my entire post cuz I forgot to key in my username & password o_O so heres quick summary.

    I’m starting out in looking for IPs, and am headed down to WA for a week (to visit family, as well as look property there). I’m wondering if any forumites can recommend good real estate agents for the Mandurah, Rockingham and possibly Bunbury area. These are the areas I’m thinking of looking at.

    Tips on sorting out good & bad agents are also appreciated.

    I know prices are rather high in Perth now. Lots of ppl saying its peaking and all that. But since I’m going up there, might as well have a look. I won’t have anything to lose.

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    Hey Nickey,

    Do another post titled something like “RE agents-Mandurah,Rockingham area” there are people on the forum experienced in those areas that would be glad to help you out. Sorry I cant help, I’m in Melbourne.

    Good Luck…FL

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    i have 4 rental properties in the bunbury area and have had nothing but trouble from agants. Have just changed again and so far Ok, but I am still very dubious. I think the main problem has been that I have been in the eastern states for awhile and I think the agants just do a drive by when they feel like it.! I am now going to go home more often to be more hands on ( it does defeat the purpose of paying agants good money)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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