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    Part of me did not want to reply to your post as I didn”t want to keep it going as this is definitely not what this forum is here for. However, the other 90% of me couldn’t help myself.

    No doubt I’ll get some sort of negative comment from you in response as this seems to be your style, but maybe you’ll have realised now that not everyone wants to hear your whining and moaning.

    Have you ever heard the expression ‘good things happen to good people’? I try to surround myself with positive people who bring out the best in me. Sometimes these people are hard to find, both in and out of the workplace, but how you handle situations is up to you. Dumping your negative vibes on people through a forum or through general conversation or on people that are trying to help you isn’t going to win you friends in the long run.

    Lets try and keep this forum about property investing! It’s a shame to see a topic like this on the home page as a ‘popular’ forum topic.

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    When do I start? I admire your outspoken approach to free speech, etc, but it does border a tad towards fantasy. I mean, imagine if I did get the job?
    ‘Gatsby, keep working!’
    ‘But there’s nothing left to do?’
    ‘Well then you pretend like you’re working Gatsby!’
    ‘Yeah?, well you’re the boss. Why don’t you pretend like you’re working for me! I’ll pretend it’s 5pm and we can close and go home? How’s this for a fantasy, now I’m the boss and you’re fired? Knock yourself out (and people say it’s hard to get good help these days?)!

    “Sometimes the hardest thing to do in life is often the best thing to do.”

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    Dear Badgers_R_us,

    I. That many peoply are “hopeless” is good news for those who think they can do better – it gives them the edge.

    2. No we’re not all obsessed with money. We like property as our chosen field. Money is a bye product of 1 and 2. (In the final analysis you’re going to give it all back to someone else anyway so have fun doing what you’re doing or do something else)

    Learning to put a positive spin on things is the creative force in whatever field you choose – including real estate and man management. Forgive me if I sound like I’m preaching – it’s just that I found there were so many things that I was hopeless at and becoming positive turned things around for ME.


Viewing 3 posts - 21 through 23 (of 23 total)

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