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    [hair2]Hi all. I have a couple of properties, shares and managed funds which are all doing well. but how are you suppose to help friends and family with their financial education.

    I work with 30 young people. there is one other person who has 2 properties and between us we are always willing to help the younger ones (19-25yrs) but im sure you all know how it is. Always hearing excuses such as
    “im to young” or “in a couple of years…”.
    I adopt a different approaches depending on their attitudes, my favourite is using Cars instead of Profits. You can do this or that and if you dont want to keep doing it you can sell up by a Monaro Cash and take a holiday overseas. I could by a brand new Porshe at the moment with no bank loan but im keeping my money invested till…. that gets them thinking but they need to take the next step.

    Im after Powerpoint presentations, handouts, links to education sites etc, on Investing (not just property).

    please email presentations to [email protected][thumbsup2]

    Would be great to hear from anyone else in similar situations, Im sure most of us are in a similar boat.

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    Hi adriannqld

    what a touching analysis of a predicament of life…..

    wealth creation

    over my lifetime i’ve worked with some of the wealthiest people in this country…..
    there are some sad lonely stories there

    “the essence of happiness” by the dalai lama….
    not in Powerpoint form..sorry…
    but might help in “get them thinking but they need to take the next step”

    ps…that prosche is nice for the first week…after that it just another piece of metal sitting there….beside the lamborgini

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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