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    How do I know if our house has asbestos in it ?
    How much is it to take the house down.
    I live in Perth.

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    If the house was built before 1987 there is a very good chance it will have some asbestos sheet in it somewhere even if it is only the eaves sheets. The cost to demolish will vary depending on the type of house construction, quantity of asbestos to be disposed of and where the house is situated. Contact a professional house demolisher such as Mosman Recyclers to obtain a quote.

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    The difference between asbestos and other modern type of fibrous material is that asbestos does not ignite when you light it!

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    Instead of setting the house on fire (thanks Dr X) most Asbestos has a ripple effect and if broken you can see small grey fibres sticking out. (dont touch !!)
    Rather than remove it consider lining Gyprock over the top, safer and adds more insulation.

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    In my oz home town all the original housing stock was made of this stuff (holiday beach homes) . Most people just knock them over and the men in space suits come and take the sheeting away. local tip will take it if it is wrapped in plastic and taped. Don’t know about perth, sorry.



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    hi guys i was wondering would a brick veneer house contain any asbestos sheets or material inside somewhere? or is this only in the case of fibro or wheatherboard homes ?

    when you do a house inspection report, would you also find out if there is asbestos in it before you make a purchase decision?


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    If the brick veneer house has eaves which are lined with flat sheet and was built before 1987 then it is almost certain to have asbestos sheet outside (the eaves sheets) and may have asbestos inside in areas such as bathrooms and laundrys. A building inspection report should tell you whether asbestos is present or not but why not ask if this will be detailed in the report. It is true in perth (or was 12 months ago) that anyone can remove asbestos sheet and dispose of it at the correct disposal site but the asbestos sheet material must be sealed in plastic sheet. Obviously there is a charge to dispose of such material.

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    Asbestos is present in almost all houses built before 1984 in some form. A standard building inspection may mention asbestos or sometimes where some of it is but you need to employ a specialist inspection company that just inspects for asbestos. CSIRO have identified more than 3500 different materials that contain asbestos in Australia. This is especially important before renovation as one of the most dangerous forms of asbestos because it is mainly unknown is asbestos felt under vinyl!

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    HI all

    Interesting this asbestos topic as i have thought about all those positive cashflow properties that are x housing commission etc.

    If one purchased these could the tenants have a claim on you if they get sick and indicate it is due to the asbestos.


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    Is there an approximate start date when asbestos came into use?


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    Hi All,

    New to the forums, but thought I may be able to add something to this thread. I am a OHS and Risk Consultant and work extensively with managing the health & safety implications of asbestos containing material.

    Asbestos came into use as early as the time of the ancient Greeks (used in candle wicks). In Australia, asbestos materials were used heavily from the 1920’s onward. Any pre-1990 structure may contain asbestos material in some form.

    Asbestos is a fibre, a wonderful material except for the risks it poses to health. The key to managing the risks associated with asbestos is to ensure that the fibres do not become suspended in the air and inhaled. It is only when asbestos fibres are inhaled that they become a risk to health (e.g – asbestosis, mesothelioma and other lung cancers). The most hazardous asbestos materials are those with Friable products (e.g. insulation, non- bonded materials), these can be disturbed and enter the air easily. As an excellent insulator, Friable asbestos materials are more common in the cooler states – NSW, VIC, ACT.

    Asbestos in AC sheeting (super 6, fibro etc) is less hazardous provided the fibres remain in the bonded cement matrix – it is usually the main asbestos type in the hotter areas in Aust. When working with AC sheeting it is important to ensure sheets do not become damaged, sheets are not drilled/sawed etc with electric tools etc as this can release into air. Where sheets are exposing fibres, the area should be sealed to prevent escape of fibres – gyprock is one option, or paint, or PVA sealant.

    You should use a licenced removalist to remove and they will dispose appropriately (they should also ensure that fibres are not significant during the removal process) – this can be costly however.

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    You can buy a testing kit from Bunnings that will confirm the presence of asbestos.

    Asbestos is safe to tenants. It only poses a threat when the sheets are cut or drilled thus releasing fibre particles.

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    I had an asbestos audit completed on my property in Perth by a licensed asbestos surveyor, as the house was to be demolished the council requested they complete an invasive audit. I couldn’t believe some of the building materials that have asbestos in them, from the vinyl tiles(yes all three layers!) to the damp proof layer material. I always thought it was just the fibro panels and fence! Hubby was also a little concerned by this as we have reno’d quite a few properties over the years and had no idea (GULP!). The company we used was Environmental site services, we were happy with the service and would use them again. Their details

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    As well as the places mentioned like eaves and floor tiles ,the back of wall tiles etc there is fire proofing and in and around electrical switch boards and meters.
    House renovators before it was widely known the damage it can have to your health would sand walls before painting thus producing those deadly airborne particles.
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    I am curious. Jec, did you ever find asbestos in your house or was it fine? I know many older houses have that problem. Hope all is well with you and your house!

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