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    I have recently moved from OZ to NZ and have investment properties on both sides of the Tasman.

    I am still trying to establish what is the best structure to hold NZ investments, and will they affect tax returns in OZ.

    Does anyone have any experience in this field, or can you recommend an accountant that really does know both NZ and OZ tax regulations. We have spent a lot of money on accountants investigating the answers to our questions, without coming to any conclusive answers.

    Thanks a lot


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    can recommend Chris Raynall from

    check the website, his prices are very reasonable, he does this all-day-every-day for loads of our Aussie clients in a similar boat as you.


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    Chris is great and very dilligent in his practice. He has been fantastic assett in my Team of advisors.

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    just so you could have a couple to choose from, we use David Bellinger from AMI house in Christchurch

    [email protected]

    However, he does not touch OZ law, we have an Australian accountant that does that!

    We buy properties in Adelaide. No Agent Fees.
    [email protected]
    phone 0412 437 582

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