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    Does anyone know where on the internet i can download a WA Reiwa offer and acceptance form.

    I can’t seem to find one on the reiwa site.

    Anyone got a digital copy they could email me?

    Muchly appreciated,

    Cabo Wabo

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    You should be able to pick one up from REIWA themselves for about 50c..I dont know of anywhere you can download any Australian RE forms?

    Or if you’re on friendly terms with your local REA…

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    Of course not….and for a very good reason. It’s copyrighted for their fully paid up members. What you are asking for is against alot of laws. Pedantic and supercilious I know, but that’s the Law by Lawyers for ya.

    Their solicitors don’t take too kindly to the younger generation who naturally expect everything to be free and readily downloadable from the net.

    My understanding is that, way back before WW2, REA’s in Perth formed their cosy little club called the REIWA to protect their interests and put forward a united front to the dross (that’s us) not willing or able to join their club.

    Enquiring about a digital copy of ‘their’ form has absolutely no financial or material advantage to their club…the reason probably why you can’t download it.

    If you go to the “horse’s mouth”, they’ll very quickly tell you it isn’t in their interest to give you an electronic copy…and could they introduce you to one of their highly respected fully paid up members.

    An agents cosy club to primarily protect agents interests is not the place to be looking for forms such that you can bypass agents ??

    A “poor boy” alternative might to be grab an old one and simply type it all up….trouble is, the general conditions form where most of the contract is (the yellow one that everyone gets handed and never reads through fully) forms the bulk of the contract and you’ll be there forever typing that up. Of course, using their form word for word is infringement of their copyright and you could rightly be hauled into court by REIWA for infringement if you ever intend, or indeed do use it and any agent gets a sniff you have.

    Of course, if you just want to have a squizz for general interest’s sake, ask any member of REIWA.

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