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    I’ve really enjoyed reading Dazzlings “Whats your Occupation” so I thought I’d add my own. What is everyone doing on Christmas Day ?
    Our youngest is 5 years old so for the first time we’re having Xmas lunch at a restaurant. Someone else will do the cooking and cleaning. On Boxing Day its down the Gold Coast to visit my parents.
    What are you doing ?


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    Wake at 6am to see what Santa brought.

    Have a huge feed for lunch and a few beers.

    Play some backyard cricket.

    Have a snooze on the couch.

    Pretty standard stuff!

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    We’ll start the day with our 3 daughters, their partners and our 7 Grandchildren all coming around and i will play Santa.[xmas]

    We will then have our customary champagne breakfast, ham and eggs on the BBQ with champagne and orange juice, then some time spent with the kids and their new Xmas presents.

    We usually then have a game of Bocce or something similar, great fun as we are all a little tipsy by this stage[wacko], then a rest from the alcohol for a while.

    Xmas dinner is usually a smorgosboard affair with whomever of our family is spending the rest of the day with us.A few cold beers etc and maybe some more bocce or cricket. Then maybe[sleepy2]

    Usually a great day is had by all.


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    You guys are all very lucky indeed.

    Anything at all would be fantastic compared to last Xmas. That was endured high up on the rocky steppes of the Yemeni peninsula, with two chaps (a Qatari and a Mongolian) who didn’t speak English and didn’t care, or indeed know that it was Xmas day. Admittedly I don’t speak good Arabic or Mongoli and I don’t know when Big Eid is either, or the Mongol equivalent. The fare was sheeps eyes, brown rice and a bit of a chicken wing for the main course. Joy.

    This year promises to be far better, back home with my wife and 3 daughters, along with extended family and friends back in Australia, who all speak English and are all aware that it’s Xmas day. Just need to ensure that my back to back agrees that sheeps eyes on the rocky steppes is a better option than home in Dallas.

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    This year instead of staying at my Mums we are staying in a little beach cottage because my brother and wife from QLD are down in Tassie.
    Not enough room at mums place so we opted to rent a shack on the beach.Strange feeling.. going on holidays in your home town.



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    I will have a gathering of 20 people both mixture of family and friends and a few strays that have no ties (I tend to get a few more strays every year, can’t bear the thought of people being on their own Xmas Day)..the more the merrier.[biggrin]

    It’s a great day with everyone chipping in with food, wine and help with the clean up. We go for a swim with the kids, desert coffee and a little snooze.

    That evening we travel to our dear friends place and have dinner and lots of talk and chat. [laughing]

    Next day…we go on holidays in sunny QLD visit rellies and then over to Mission Beach for New Year.

    Have a great Christmas everyone whatever your doing!



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    We’ll be getting up at around 4am to see what santa brought the 8 + 5 year old, and hopefully me. Chocolate for breakfast,a dn brunch.
    Lunch at around 3pm. I still can’t get used to not seeing the Queen’s christmas message at 3pm (big UK tradition)
    Then lots of alcohol till bedtime.

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    Well I’ll be having a quite Christmas at home with just the wife and kids. Most of our relatives are heading off on overseas trips etc. Peace in our time hey? Dazzling little story about last Christmas probably strike a chord with most of us who have had the in laws over for Chistmas, They where the in laws weren’t they Dazzling???

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    We celebrate Christmas Eve as tradition has spoken once again… LOVIN IT!

    On the grog at me cousins this year. We recite poems or sing songs to claim a prez. Whole lotta fun!


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    Hubby, bubs and I will be leaving Singapore xmas eve – arrive in Perth at 1am… no one in the family knows we are coming!

    Will surprise the parents first in the morning – spend xmas morning there then go over and surprise the in-laws in the afternoon!

    Can’t wait!


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    Flying home to the hunter valley to visit family and friends.

    Huge Christmas eve party ( Austrian Heritage) and then relaxed bbq on chrisi day. Couple of games of kelly pool and cricket.

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    Another Xmas in Iraq. Will have a couple of beers and a nice lunch but its not quite the same as being home. Back to Perth for NY so not all bad!

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    Christmas day with the mother-in-law.
    Boxing day with my some what larger family (always huge).
    Next day fly out for 11 days in Vietnam and Cambodia.


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    travelling down with my parents and brother to see my fathers parents. Have breaky with them and open pressies/give pressies.
    goto my mothers parents (that side is MUCH closer, we organised a secret santa with all the cousins!) we have seafood lunch. chill drink, play some games, catch up over the year as all the family are together. Talk about what is install for the coming year.
    snooze (or feed the children!) then we would probably snack and not have a dinner as usual.
    In the afternoon, the parents usually read their books and fall asleep..haha!
    That is all for xmas day really

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    Christmas Day for me is going to spent with the air stewards on British Airways. First Class so they are always attentive. I anticipate some fruit cake, a few beers and spreading the Christmas cheer with my fellow travellers and airline staff.

    Then when I get to London I get to enjoy another Christmas Day. Two Christmas’s in one year. A bonus !!!

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    Dazzling that was cryptic, your starting to sound like gross
    Got the big lunch thing at our place, around 20 people I think. Then I hope to head down to the beach for the afternoon.


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    We will be travelling up to Matyborough to see the inlaws[thumbsdownanim

    My wife said “How long do you want to stay?”

    To which I said “Um, three hrs drive. If we leave at 8 we can be home by 5”.

    I think that I just scored a week in Hicksville, I mean Maryborough. It wouldn’t be so bad if the inlaws were not there. Or more to the point, Mother in law.

    I think she is on a planet all on her own.

    WOW and that post is AFTER I took out the nasty stuff.

    I am looking forward to our girls, 5 & 9, and their excited faces on Chrissy morning. That is what it is all about for me.
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    Roasted ‘sparrow’ (bones and all) in Cirali, Turkey wasn’t bad (mind you, you need at least a good half dozen to wet the appetite!).
    This Xmas will be down at St Kilda with the homeless.
    A very ‘skinny’ Gatsby!
    PS. Good to be back in OZ!

    “Sometimes the hardest thing to do in life is often the best thing to do.”

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    Hey skinny Gatsby,
    welcome back. How was the trip?

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    I just love Christmas! The best thing for me starts Christmas eve, putting the kids to bed, watching their wide eyes as they wonder what’s in store in the santa sack this year! We will be having Christmas day at our place this year. Not a big affair, just my parents for lunch with all the traditional trimmings, then my sister, hubby & their kids join us in the afternoon and have a smorgasbord tea. Like you need to eat anything more! Have already had one Chrissy dinner last weekend with hubby’s family, as they usually go away for Christmas.
    Hope you all have a great one!

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