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    Australia being a multi cultural society – I’m sure there will be some interesting mixes out there!

    For me – my father is Yugoslav – Mother is half aussie half chinese. [blink]

    I’m a true blue Aussie [biggrin] hehe

    What’s your heritage?


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    Hi Alysha,

    that’s a great mix [biggrin] and good topic too.

    My family is from Cyprus and came here as refugees in 1975. I was 5 and my brother was 1.

    I’m a true blue Aussie too. Very little attachement to Cypriot culture apart from being born there!

    My son was born in Canada and my daughter was born in Australia.

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    Hey A,

    How exotic!!!!

    My baby daughter is also a quarter chinese – as I am eurasian – can’t tell though as she has blonde hair and blue eyes!!! [biggrin]
    Her eyes are a little almond shaped though – and I think her hair will get darker as she gets older. Can you tell you have any chinese in you?

    My grandmother is from mainland china. My mum is chinese, born in Singapore. My father is from Yorkshire, England. They met on Christmas Island where I was born and lived for 7 years. Then we moved to Perth.

    Great topic!


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    Nothing Exotic about me,
    Parents are both Aussies, mum was even born and raised in Kurnell, you don’t get more Aussie than that. Ancestory is English & Scottish.


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    My heritage is a bit twisty and the tree goes back to France during the revolution . The family name owned and ran the guillotine business and apparently they were very well respected [biggrin]

    One relative came out and fought in the Maori wars then settled with a Maori wife in Taranaki NZ. Then a couple of generations later I had a pommy grandfather ( post war immigrant)

    The wife is pure Dutch heritage and we have three little aussies and tonight we take them all to Milo cricket [wreck] . As good as it gets [biggrin]

    Proud to be Australian.

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    I am a real mix.

    Mum’s side has first fleeters as well as Sarah with no surname whom we recently found out was an Aboriginal house girl who married a well known horseman in the Mudgee district. Was kept quiet until recently but we are all quite proud of it today! Not that you’d notice with my blue eyes and fair hair but some say they can see it….

    Dad’s father was a Polish Jew who fled Europe as a refugee. He had few known relatives surviving the persecution during WWII. His Mum was the daughter of a prominent State MP who as Minister of Roads laid the first stone of the Harbour Bridge. Has a plaque there and I must take the kids looking for it next time we are down there.

    There are a few more interesting stories – of course each generation you go back you are doubling the ancestry so I am sure we all have some very interesting people back there.

    And I married a Kiwi so my kids are even more mixed than me!


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    Hi guys,

    Mum born in Australia, Dad born in England – his family moved to Aust. when he was little. Me born in Australia – what a great country we live in hey!![biggrin]


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    Hi guys,

    Interesting replies….

    Mei – you and your daughter must be beautiful!!!!!

    No I don’t look chinese at all – like your daughter I have light hair and blue eyes! Wish I did a little though! [buz2]

    Hope to read more heritage stories.


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    Hello !

    I was born in Singapore came here when I was 2 1/2. My mum’s from Malaysia and my dad is from Singapore.

    On my dad’s side they’re all from China. They were farmers. Somewhere along the line I bet they helped build the great wall ! :)

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    I was born in Australia. As true blue as they come. I have worked in London and San Francisco. Australia is the best country in the World.

    My father was Italian and my mother was dutch. They met in Melbourne in the early 60’s.

    My wife is french-canadian. I met her as a backpacker on the train between toronto and montreal. I made the mistake of talking to a stranger.

    Her father is french canadian. He looks like Napoleon. Her mother is a pom. She migrated as a kid to Canada. They were looking at migrating to australia.

    Her father re-married to a canadian-italian. They have adopted a girl from china and a boy from Cambodia.

    So my kids are real bitzas now. I have family in the UK, Holland and Canada. The world is getting smaller and smaller.

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    Any more interesting mixes?

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    Mum’s from Harvey, south of Perth, but has Irish/scottish heritage.
    I was born in Barbados in the caribbean where my Dad’s side is from (sugar farmers), althought dad’s side was originally english. We came to Oz in 87… and now live in Perth.

    People of note in the family tree:

    * John Forrest : of great emmence in early WA
    * At one stage mum’s side owned the swan brewery, but a long time ago.
    * Dad’s side used to own the Mount Gay Barbados Rum Distillery (oldest rum in the world).
    * John Booth, the man who shot Abraham Lincoln is in the family tree also.

    and thats about where our claim to fame ends.

    Maybe in 200yrs, someone will be saying, “yeah, the great Cabo Wabo, famed property magnate, head of the world bank and philanthipist was my ancestor”…… NOT.

    Cabo Wabo

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    hi all,

    dad born in Austria in the town of Bozen – italian / Austrian ancenstory

    mum born – Australia in hunter valley english ancestory

    me born oz but lived in europe as a toddler and went back for a year in late teens just before uni

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