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    Can anyone reccommend a top property manager in the Wanganui area?


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    Blair Onishenko from Landlords Link LTD
    0011 64 6 347 2602.

    By far the best property manager I have ever had.
    Absolute pleasure to deal with :)



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    I use the proffessionals who are very good.

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    Blair, Blair, it’s all about Blair.
    He is so far ahead of the LJ’s and the harveys and the rent centres and the professionals and the ray whites and so on, who are all riddled with EMPLOYEES who don’t care. Blair cares because HE da Man, i.e. it is his business.

    He does operate in a funny way i.e. landlord gets the entire rent, Blair invoices by the hour, landlord pays the invoice monthly. Different than others who take out their fees and give you the rest.

    but if you can get your head around that, he is the one.

    Now. word of warning. He will not touch trash properties. So if that is the case you should go to Jane Motu. I forget which agency she is with at the moment, they do tend to move around, but she is good for your lower quality properties. Am hearing complaints about the Rent Centre. They used to be good, but you see things change. it’s all about the person at the company, not the company.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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