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    Looking at purchasing a property through National Sterling. Has anyone had any dealings with this company? What was your experience?[hairy]

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    Hi Hopes,

    Not heard of them and may be off the track, in terms of service provided, but these questions/pointers may be of assistance.

    Some thoughts for you to consider.
    1. How long have NS been in business?
    2. How many investment properties does your ‘consultant’ own?
    3. How long has your consultant been investing?
    4. How does your ‘consultant’ earn their money?
    5. What will they get out of each and every purchase?
    6. What service do they offer?
    7. How much does it cost to use each aspect of their operations?
    8. Can you use your own mortgage lender? Property manager? Valuer? If not – why not (it is a free world)?
    9. What sort of after sales support do you get?
    10. Does their approach fit comfortably with you?
    11. How much pressure is bought to bear?
    12. Are all decisions made in NS’s presence?
    13. Are there rent guarantees? (Run away fast if there are!)
    14. How does the price compare to similar properties on the open market?
    15. ASIC/ Ministry of Fair TRading Issues?
    16. Where have NS’s past sales been? What were they? How much is the open market paying for them now? What are they rented for now?
    17. What are similar properties (to the one being considered) renting for? Check with a couple of REA in the area?
    18. What is the vacancy rate in the area like?
    19. What infrastructure is planned for the area?
    20. Are brochures high on ‘gloss’ and ‘glitz’ and low on facts?

    Just a few to get you started.

    [email protected]
    0409 882 958

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    Hi Derek,

    Thanks for the tips, much appreciated.


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