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    Has anyone heard of or been to Opotiki? It is a coastal town in the Bay of Plenty. Any info would be appreciated, especially if you already own property there.


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    Hi Hiri

    I was in Opotiki about 30 odd years ago on holiday with my folks but the only thing I remember was the huge stingray my dad caught in the surf with his rod and when he finally landed it I dispatched it with a heavy piece of drift wood !!

    PM Minimogul , She knows the area

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    Hi Hirirose

    Opotiki is a typical small NZ town.

    It has a river flowing very close to it.
    Close to the ocean.
    Population of about 4000.
    Serves a large country area which is mainly bush and forestry, kiwi fruit orchards, some dairy farms and sheep farms.
    Areas along the coast line near Opotiki are being developed for housing.
    Rents bear no relationship to the value of the housing.
    Nearest towns are Whakatane 40kms away, Gisborne 145kms away and Tauranga about 115kms away.
    It used to have a hospital and a dairy factory but both now closed.

    The coastal ripple which originated from Auckland down through Tauranga and Whakatane is now reaching Opotiki.

    Also very nice beaches near by.


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    I agree with muppet.

    I’ve been there a couple of times, it seems like a nice town. I put offers in on a property there about 2 years ago, but it didn’t work out.

    If the prices have moved, it’s probably getting hard to make the numbers work. I seem to remember then there was a couple of streets to be wary of and there were quit a lot of crosslease properties.


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