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    Dear Steve McKnight, associates and forum members

    I would like to apologise to Steve McKnight and his associates for defamatory, offensive and obscene comments made by me regarding Steve, his personal and private life, his mentoring program etc. These posts were made on recent forums using various aliases.

    My actions were completely and totally reprehensible to the extreme, these comments made by me were completely out of line and should not have been aired. They were false statements defaming Steve’s good character and they were offensive and deeply hurtful to Steve, his wife and his friends. Steve has the best of intentions for his charity and mentor programme which is designed to benefit and teach all participants who are willing to work towards their desired goals.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to sincerely express my heartfelt apology to all forum members who may have had the misfortune to bear witness to my posts or any other slanderous posts caused as a result of my despicable action.

    I believe people should know exactly what they are getting involved with financially, but I have sensed no deception or ulterior motive after speaking to Steve. Steve seems to be a good and honest hardworking individual who will be able to better mankind and the world we inhabit.

    Once again sincerest apologies,


    P.S. No one (including Steve or his associates) asked me, told me, threatened me or intimidated me into writing this post.

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    I am not convinced this post is genuine…
    it’s just too weird to fathom


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    Forgive me for thinking Stepford Wives.


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    No one (including Steve or his associates) asked me, told me, threatened me or intimidated me into writing this post.

    Care to share what DID lead you to this retraction? Like the others ahead of me, I am bemused, confused


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    hi all
    well as I answered the last one I think i’ll answer this one as well just because you but a letter to a name doesn’t make it that person posting the message so maybe this is melbdude26 or maybe it isn’t but it seems to me that alot has changed since this site was off the air for a day.I must admit that I am very synical as I was when I read that other post that maybe a couple of suits have had a word and if that is the case then say so and for me that is not a bad thing freedom of speech is a very good thing as long as it doesn’t damage somebody else.
    So I for one am not surprised at this post I am surprised that the anybody would expect it to be taken on face value.
    and if I can be so bold as to give a little bit of advice and say I told you so and point a finger.
    I think that had a few people taken a step back which alot of the posted were trying to tell you to do you would have seen it yourself.
    if 50 people are shouting at you fire fire don’t stand there wondering what they are talking about or you are going to get burnt.
    just like making your first investment mistake strike this off to training and next time try and listen to what other people alot wiser then me are telling you and this doesn’t go just for this post it goes for business in general.
    If this is melbdude26 I for one will accept his post and lets forget the whole mess

    here to help

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    Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for your post, and for the chat on the phone yesterday too.

    I accept your apology and wish you all the best for the future.


    Steve McKnight

    Remember that success comes from doing things differently.

    Steve McKnight | Pty Ltd | CEO

    Success comes from doing things differently

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    Corpy th’ ‘signment.

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    Originally posted by sarge_80:

    Corpy th’ ‘signment.

    Does this make sense to anyone?

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    No…….must be code

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    No, but I’m curious…

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    I believe it is Latin.
    Sorry can’t be much more help I only did it at school because the teacher was only about 8 years older than me and blonde.

    Failed miserably.

    Cheers Richard

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    [email protected]

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    our speciality

    Richard Taylor | Australia's leading private lender

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    Hmmm, interesting, I found this:

    “The phrase “Corpy th’ ‘signment” is patented by Doctor Robert McQuillan, a tutor at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. It is illegal for anyone except Robert McQuillan to use this phrase without first paying homeage to the great man by sending him at least one corpy of th’ “Hellooooo Wurrrlld” assignment.

    In fact, use of the phrase has been outlawed by RMIT University, and anyone found uttering it will be kicked out of the university for plagiarism (Geoff Leach heads the RMIT Anti-Corpying Department). In the near future, their policy will be changed requiring that all corpies of all th’ ‘signments across the university be mailed to his inbox.”


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    hi Qlds007
    Its not latin.
    and with regard to your post, most aphrodites are blonde and as you didn’t post male or female for the teacher I take it that it was a very rare aphrodite and yes they did understand the greek and roman as they were said to be found on both continents.
    as you haven’t posted your age and if you were being taught by these ancient tutors no wonderer you do so well in business.
    could you send me a drawing of a unicorn also found around those times.

    here to help

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    Oh my. What planet am I on? This just gets more weird.

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    Melbdude, I spoke to you on MSN messenger, and you told me your name was Rhys. L’shanah tovah to you this Rosh Hashanah. I suggest you be more honest this new year and people will be less inclined to doubt the sincerity of your posts


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    Im coming in late on this but i know Steve personally and will back his sincerity, honesty, integrity and willingness to help and teach others 1000%.
    I don’t need to go into details but the man is a rarity in the Wealth Creation game. I’m personally honored to be associated with him and even if he didn’t have a dime to his name would still call him a good friend.
    Happy for any comments but actions speak louder than words and Steve’s actions in all regards of his professional life have been speaking nice and loud!!!

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