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    Many times I see advertisements in local news paper ” real Estate carer” No experience needed.. 52000 salary (always 52K?)
    Ionce even went for an interview in Melbourne under this advert… did sounded more like Telemarketing job..
    Are these adverts scams?
    Is this something to do with this Jenman guy? what exactly is so called ethical system…
    Can somebody please explain?

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    Hi J

    not sure about the ad you are refering to, but Neil Jenman does have a system of “ethical” selling tecniques that he sells to some real estate agencies for a franchise fee.

    We have used Jenman agents before and were happy (they got us the price we wanted) then again, we were equally as happy with other agents too. It is all abit of a marketing thing, people “believe” that these agents are more ethical. But evidently, it works.

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    is this a franchise?

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    Hi Jimoan
    I’ll give you some inside information but don’t tell the world.
    most of the real estate agents I’ve met are humans
    and as humans some are ethical and some are not.
    Just because a person dresses as a priest doesn’t mean you leave your kids with him (and with some priests thats the last thing you would do).
    check out everything.
    Real estate jobs are not limited to the jenman or any other group I’m waiting for the add.
    Real estate rep wanted for totally unethical practise must be able to rip off old ladies and steal from the blind and if possible worked with grossrealisation(sorry the last bit was an exaggeration)
    Not sure if you’ve seen this type of ad and I don’t think you will.
    Its also easy why you always see 52k.
    The person writing the ad didn’t get past ist grade maths so 52 weeks x 1000 on the calculator gets 52k.
    Ask is that including holidays and listen for the buttons being pushed on the calculator or the knuckles being dragged across the floor as the drown asks his boss.
    scams I don’t think so, waste of time thats a different question.
    Also there wouldn’t be scams if people follow all of above and nobody got scammed.
    Ie check everything and then get a friend to check everything.

    here to help

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    Originally posted by Jimoan:

    Many times I see advertisements in local news paper ” real Estate carer” Personally I’d like to see “more” Real Estate carers..the one’s I’ve dealt with lately don’t seem to care at all?No experience needed.. 52000 salary (always 52K?)Maybe it’s the going or base rate?
    Ionce even went for an interview in Melbourne under this advert… did sounded more like Telemarketing job..what happened at your interview then..i’m interested?

    Are these adverts scams?
    Were you scammed at the interview?

    Is this something to do with this Jenman guy?
    dunno..what happened at the interview, it may give an insight
    what exactly is so called ethical system…
    A system based on morals (I always thought morals were your back teeth?) or principles..a “fair” system..That’s my interpretation
    Can somebody please explain?


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    Neil Jenmans first office was in Auburn NSW. I applied through an add in the Telegraph back in ’97 and it was $52k back then….
    The Jenman group had around 3000 replies to those adds. These were wittled down over the phone, then further wittled down after return phone calls, until 62 people were selected to attend the Wesley Centre in Sydney for a 3 day conference of Agents using the Jenman System. I was one of the 62. After that I went to the head office in Castle Hill for a one on one interview and was rejected on the day.
    I have dealt with several Jenman agents over the last few years and have wondered at times how they ever got past first base….. Some have been great.
    I have heard that under the Jenman System an Agency must not have a rent roll. This can be the bread and butter when nothing is selling.
    I’m having another go at Real Estate as a career due to my passion for property, starting my course shortly. If you really want to be an agent you’ll find a way. Good Luck!

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    I have nothing but praise for Jenman realestate agents. Previously i have been dealing with them buying and selling property, always professional, on time and very eager to help. Like you couple of years ago i wanted to enter realestate but i was put off as many by reputation about realestate agents and realestate as profession. In my dealings with them i never had any problems, and if i ever want to work for anybody i would try them first. What
    i heard that they have excellent training and you will not be left alone on the desk with nothing but phone to do hard calling.My last deal was done but Jenman realestate agent, and he was a winner as well. And yes it is a real job.This was my opinion anyway.
    Good luck to you.


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    A friend of mine got one of these jobs, they are real but you have to jump through hoops. The reason it may sound like telemarking is you earn your stripes, ie start out cold calling for listing appointments and progress to listing and sales within six months. He had to study the Jenman system and pass an exam before getting the job. Actually tried at one agents and missed the exam mark by 1 or 2 points(pass mark was 95% or something) and got through at the second agent he did it with. Carved out a good career and earnt good money compared with what he was doing prior. Has now left to start his own business in a different industry as he got jack of spending weekends at work as he had a young family.

    Hope this helps.



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    The Jenman system can work well in areas that mainly are outer suburbs with private sales. I do have a problem with the fact that they are so single minded about a number of things. They are anti Auction and in there material they claim if you have an open for inspection you will be robbed. This is of course utter nonseance. As for Auctions , from the vendors point of view some properties sell better under auctions than private sales. They do however tain there staff well and customer services is a high priority. Like investing there is no one way only.

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    Hi Jimoan,
    You can find more information about the Jenman system at
    Whilst I have nothing against Neil Jenman personally…
    There is a local Jenman R.E. Agent in my area and I will not have anything to do with him.

    I was looking to purchase a house just before the last federal election. The so called ‘ethical’ agent showed me through the one I picked out as potentially suitable, then when I didn’t make a decision on the spot, he showed me a selection of ‘absolute duds’ which didn’t even come close to my criteria. “That’s all that’s available, everything is selling, you better be in quick or miss out, that’s the one for you, no doubt, better get it quick” He rang the next day and HARRASSED me again. I told him I had decided to wait until after the election. He then said “What good will that do you? ……(More berating)… So you are just going to shoot yourself in the foot are you? That’s smart, you should just buy this one now before the price goes up, that’s my advice but you’re not listening to me”
    I said, “No I’m not listening to you” and hung up the phone in disgust.


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