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    where does a renovator go to get seconds such as vanities, kitchens etc?

    I had a look on ebay and stuff seems to sell for 50% retail.

    apart from auctions are there other places that sell this stuff?
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    Ask retailers if they have any seconds or items being returned try the trading post local papers etc you have to use every possible avenue untill there all exhausted then start again.Dont go where the herds go ie auctions find a different way as steve quotes “success comes from doing things differently”

    Coreyjay .

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    There are plenty of places. Salvage City comes to mind, I think it’s on the Sunny Coast. Have you looked in the yellow pages?

    Actually I just re-read your post, I was thinking 2nd hand. Still, you might try the 2nd hand building supplies places (check phone book) as there is often stuff there that is as new.

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    depends on exactly where you are…

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    Yeah eBay is good. Auction houses.

    Possibly wholesale outlets or importers.
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    Hi Crashy,
    You might want to give these guys a try if one is located near you…
    I have picked up heaps of new & second hand building materials from them.
    They operate like a silent auction. You view the goods, then put in an offer on what you want on the form provided. If you are the highest bidder – bingo! If your offer is the highest but doesn’t meet the reserve price that the owner has on the goods, then you have first chance to pay the reserve price if you really want it.
    They generally have a sale every fortnight, and receive goods for sale inbetween.
    Hope this helps,


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    hi these places are in sydney


    My boss who is a electrician(me apprentice)bought a kithchen from there for $2,650 ,then got a joiner to get the cabinets installed for $600 elec & plum free he said he had got the same kithchen quoted from kitchen shop for $10,000 up

    2}{seen on accurent affiar,or today tonight cant remember}

    These r both very good shops, i have not been there but i no they have appliances ,tiles, couch’s ,vanitys and more if any one has shoped at these i would like to here ov ur thoughts


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