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    Hi all,

    Haven’t been around this site for a little while – especially at the moment – here’s the reason I’ve been pre-occupied

    Take care

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    Beautiful looking baby[angel][angel]..Congrats to the mum for a 26 hour workout..

    Our baby girl is now 9 months Richmond and I can tell you where to buy a Rockingchair for the porch and where to put a shotgun on lay-by [biggrin]

    Get some sleep ..your gunna need it..


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    congratulations mate! [grad]

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    What a gorgeous little girl!

    26 hours is a long slog but let’s not forget that Richmond did all the hard work 9 months ago.

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    She’s so cute and adorable, Richmond!



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    Awwww- gee, how cute, richmond :)) Hopefully, you’ll still remember what’s important- such as talking on here- and not hang out with some baby (they’re non-producing, after all- hardly an asset- hehe).

    Congratulations, Jamie- you’re a star!

    My kid looks like this: [mickey]

    kay henry

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    Congratulations………..enjoy. Now you will have another reason to set your family up!

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    Hi Richmond

    great news ! and fantastic pictures.

    it doesn’t seem that long ago we were wishing you guys all the best for the wedding, but on thinking about it, it must be 2 years ago.

    All the best to you all
    God Bless

    regards westan
    check it out !

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    Congratulations!!! What a great looking kid.

    Our oldest just turned 3 on August 2nd (the youngest is 18 months). Life is never the same after kids.

    All the best, enjoy the newborn years, the’re great!!!


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    Before you know it she will be 5 yrs old. The first 6 months are the toughest. Well thats what we found.

    Have fun.

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    Congratulation Mate,

    I haven’t around here for a while too, guess what after all this time that I have been away my son now 6 months old.

    Good on you, mate.

    Kind Regards

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