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    Hi Nat,
    It wouldn’t matter how much money some people have they wouldn’t spend it, scared of losing it. I wonder when i hear stories of millionares who drive around in old bombs and dress like ferrils. Life is too short not too enjoy the fruits of your labour. some people think they will live forever. I used to work with a guy who used to boast how he would get 2 years out of a tube of amway toothpaste. I drive the pacific hwy most days and have always had a car under 3 years old because of 2 points you made, safety and reliability. My car has 10 air bags and if i didn’t have a reliable car my business would’t survive. I havn’t had to pay for a car repair except for general services for more than 10 years. I don’t even check the oil and water between services. I agree with you if you are successful in business or investing why wouldn’t you have a good car and write it off.

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    Hi Robo, they may drive old bombs and look like ferrals, but the house looks big and nice with all the mods and cons and those three 2-4 weeks overseas holidays every year is what they prefer. People spend their wealth in many different ways and some people don’t spend a long time in their cars so an expensive car is really a waste for that 10 minute drive to go shopping or pick up the rent.


    Rich in happiness and money is better than rich in money with no happiness.

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    Point taken C2, personally i wouldn’t want my wife to drive an old bomb to do the shopping with the kids in it.
    Life is too short to be a tight [email protected]#$.

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    Yeah good read ‘The Millionare Next Door’. I only got a little over half way through it because it just reinforced what I had alrady known.

    Where I grew up it was the Baker, Butcher and Greencrocer that owned all the shops and most of the land in the area. You would never see them in a suit and they drove utes and vans. Professional type people like Lawers, Real estate agents, Doctors all neaded to look succesful and therefore start to accumulate large amounts of bad debt.

    Does any body remember the formula that Stanly & Thomas came up with to messure if you have accumulated enough net worth for your age in comparison to your income ??

    We have two Magna’s 92 & 95 models both in fair condition and don’t expect to sell them for at least another five years.

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    I am “the wife” and my husband “let” me drive an old 1990 Tot Camry because TO ME that’s all I need and I am happy with it. I don’t care about car but I do want to look nice so I spend my $$$ on some nice clothes :-). My husband also “let” me give my brother 20K earlier this year to help him through financial difficulty, as i have more satisfaction helping my brother, than driving a nice car. And next month we are going on a 6 weeks overseas trip , we won’t need our cars then :-).

    But if others enjoy the comfort/luxury and the safety feeling of driving a nice/new car with 10 air bags, and willing to pay for it, I respect their choice. I agree life is too short but we don’t have to enjoy it the same way.
    Someone posted that we list our networth against our car. So here it is:
    Car: 1990 Tot Camry
    Net worth: +3M, income is +150 K and we have a very nice house


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    I am driving around 2002 Holden Barina we bought this January. Great little car for the city, very economical at the pump.

    On the flipside it can get really uncomfy on longer runs and makes me perhaps look like a “girly man” [cap]

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    Originally posted by C2:

    Nice bike but a little expensive for my taste. What speed have you had it up too? Why the trip to the Lamborghini factory?

    Top speed so far, carrying a pillion, on the east coast of tassie was 180 km/h

    re lamborghini, I’ve loved them since I was a kid, but I wont buy one until I can pay cash for one, and not have the insurance etc slow down the investing. Since I havent actually started investing yet, you could call the lamborghini factory a motivation tool!


    More stuff on the voigtstr at

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    My car is a customised Pontiac Trans Am called KITT. My name is David Hassle-a-lot. A lone crusader in the dangerous world of property gurus. I am McKnight Rider.

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    That is funny.

    Simon Macks
    Residential and Commercial Finance Broker
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    0425 228 985

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    I agree this is an interesting discussion.

    We are a three car family. I sold my wife’s previous car to my University-attending daughter for $5000. The list price for it was $14000. It is a 1999 Ford Laser Hatchback.

    My wife has a 2004 Toyota RAV4 Cruiser.

    I have a 2002 Mitsubishi “jazzed-up” Magna V-RX.

    The latter two cars were on novated lease through my employer. I am restructuring that deal now as I want to keep my V-RX longer cos it is just the sexiest car. And it goes. And it SOUNDS like a sports car.

    We have no investment properties yet because we decided to buy a property that we really could not afford in the year 2000.

    The upshot of this is that we now have a whole lot more equity than we would have had if we had stayed in the house we could have afforded.

    Now – we are ready to look for IP’s.


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    Hi all,
    this is a very interesting discussion. After buying our second IP this year, my husband and I decided that we should have nice things for ourselves while we’re still young enough at 42 to enjoy them. We went out yesterday and snapped up a 3 year old Subaru Outback Luxury car, and should be able to pick it up tomorrow. As others have pointed out, with young children, safety is a big decider. We also decided that instead of buying another IP this year, we’ll renovate our house. Again, it just went back to having nice things while we can still enjoy them. Give us another 18 months and we’ll be back to investing.

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    I’ve just bought myself an 89 EA fairmont wagon. Spent up big and paid $400 for it. Dual fuel the lot. Cant stand paying big money for cars given the way they devalue so quickly. Just gotta learn to find properties like this LOL

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    I have a SL500 merc with a computer chip that boosts it to 285kw midnight blue with grey leather, my wife has a 320 merc wagon with 18inch amg wheels, very sexy – my wife of course.

    Nothing like having a star on your bnet


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    My girlfriend and i have a car each… I’ve got a 2004 Holden VZ SV6, Bought it through work and saved over $10,000 off new price. My girlfriend has an ’86 Ford Telstar TX5 GHIA (it’s got air, power windows, the works!) with over 300,000 clicks.

    On another note, we are getting a $60,000 payout from the sale of a house that’s going to knock nearly 20 years off the home loan. WOO HOO! Investment properties here we come.

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    Well I own a 1977 kombi that I recently drove down from QLD and it didn’t miss a beat.. I have no plans to sell it, its too cool……

    cheers iainmacc

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    Dear All,

    1. It’s interesting thread with very interesting replies to date.

    2. Many members seem to just need a car to travel around while a few “select” members chose to have near-new cars to enjoy.

    3. I am indeed pleasantly surprised that no member has come forward to say that they own or personally desire expensive toys, similar to red Porsche car reportedly driven/owned by Peter Spann, as advertised on the front cover page in one of his books.

    4. As for myself, I do not own any car in AUSTRALIA yet, at this point in time, though I am presently thinking about it from time to time.

    5. I only rent a car to drive occssionally on those days or for a week or 2 when I need to, while in Australia.

    6. For safety and personal comfort reasons, I would normally rent-drive a family saloon car like the Toyota Camry family saloon car, around in Perth and its regional areas.

    7. However, I used to rent-drive mainly Mitsubishi Magna cars around in the Goldcoast/Brisbane area in the past until one day I was given a Commodore Holden car at the last minute last year.

    8. I’ve not yet rent-drive a car in Melbourne and Sydney to date.

    9. For your kind update, please.

    10. Thank you.

    Kenneth KOH

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    I drive a green 79 HZ Premier with a 308 n a black vinyl roof. I’ve had it for 8 years, its real tidy n i love it. I know every nut n bolt, & I’ll drive it for many years yet. I doubt i’d ever buy a factory new car.

    Cabo Wabo

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    Big family here!

    Wife, myself, and 5 kids (all boys except four!)

    ’97 Falcon Sapphire wagon with extra seat making it an 8 seater. Fabulous for holidays etc.

    ’03 Mitsubishi Mirage.

    ’84 Mitsubishi Colt.

    Greetings from Newcastle, NSW.



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    from GBL
    (all boys except four!)

    he he – nice work! bet u can’t wait till they r all teenagers! (that is, if they already r not)


    Purveyor of Fine Finances
    aka Mortgage Broker Brisbane

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    Reply to Brahms and anyone else!

    Girl 24

    Girl 22

    Girl 20

    Boy 17

    Girl 13

    All still living at home. Eldest 2 have own cars (’03 Mitsubishi Lancer and ’05 Holden Barina)

    I thank God they are all wonderful Kids.

    Regards to all,


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