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    We are a two car family.

    Our family car – wife drives is a 97 Ford Falcon station wagon.

    I drive a salary packaged 2002 Holden Astra. Lease expires next month with a $10k residual. I will payout the residual and that will give me an extra $500-700 per month cash to invest instead of use on the car.

    I dont fancy getting public transport to work as driving saves me at least an hour a day.

    I agree with Kay. I dont need a BMW or Merc but I also dont want to drive a car I drove while at Uni.

    As always – life is a balance.

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    Hi all.
    We are a 2 car family.Mine is a 93 Nissan Patrol just done about 410000 kms,the wife has a 92 Ford Fairmont.
    Started life in a black FJ Holden,body roll was murder,it was hard to keep it on the road,wish i still had it though.
    Dazz got a 1000cc Honda varadero in the garage,I bought it about 5 years ago when the mid life crisis kicked in.
    Regards Bill

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    For me, its a work packaged 02 Ford Escape which gets me everywhere I need to go and someplaces I don’t need to but want to!

    My partner has a 97 MG which isn’t particularly practical but jeez ,its fun to drive! At the time, had the choice between going for something standard and practical or this one for the same money. We think the choice was good but each to their own!!

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    Two car family here (the 3am starting time for hubby is the deciding factor on that!).

    I have an 88 Toyota Corolla that runs just fine, even the mechanic says to keep it. The only catch is it’s not no air con. About 320,000km’s on the clock

    Hubby has a 90 Suzuki Seirra. Just clocked 300,000km’s. Also running well but also without air con.

    Will update one of them soon with part proceeds of one of the IP sales. And it will have air con!


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    Originally posted by Dazzling:

    Excellent to see so many people contributing, even some first timers – well done.

    I’m waiting for the first motorbike riders to show up. Who’s got a ’93 Fatboy or a ’54 Panhead ?? Probably not too practical for housing purposes – but great for scouting opportunities.

    Abby – loved the “it’s a white one” description.



    “No point having a cake if you can’t eat it.”

    Hi all,
    No motorbike for me, Dazzling, but my partner has a big black bike! I think its an Aprilia or Aprilio … something or other. (I’m a bit like Abby when it comes to bikes) All I know is that it makes a hell of a lot of noise when he comes home at 10pm everynight!! At least I know when he’s close!! As for me, I drive a 96 Hyundai Excel. I hate it and want to upgrade, but have decided that as it still actually goes, I should save some money so I can purchase my first investment property. That is my goal… brand new black CLUBSPORT will have to wait[glum]

    I used to think that life had a plan for me
    Until I realised life had to be planned by me.

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    I drive a 2003 subaru impreza, yes it’s a car and yes it goes. To me it is disappointing that the people in here dont have decent cars… i guess this could reveal a few things, like most people here are people who think investing is gonna get them out of trouble… or people in here arent really successful financially – they’re just cheap. Being cheap for the sake of it is not being financially successful (in my opinion).

    We do things like invest in order to create more choices for ourselves, including the choice to get a car that isnt 20 years old and has dents!!

    There are three levels here:
    – people who buy nice cars on credit etc (idiots)
    – people who are stingy (seems like most ppl here!)
    – people who are truly financially successful and can afford luxuries etc due to their true financial success (enough positive cashflow from assets, for example)

    unfortunatlely it seems most of the people in here are more stingy than financially successful.


    p.s. of course, stuff like what car you drive isnt really important :)

    “Show me a person who has never failed and i’ll show you a failure”

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    Well I have the 96 commodore that does all I want from it. I guess I could buy a beemer for cash but I really don’t want to. I want a car that we can go sailing with, fill it with sandy dogs and kids and drive it interstate if we choose.

    Maybe we are stingy but who cares if we are happy?

    Enjoy your car as I do!


    Simon Macks
    Residential and Commercial Finance Broker

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    Hello SUDS and all,

    I think you are treading dangerous ground when you start to label people “stingy”, “idiots”, or “truly financially successful”.

    I can see where you are coming from but I reckon there a just a coupla more factors involved with decisions on cars.

    Your idea of “stingy” may be someone elses idea of “smart”. What do you mean “being cheap for the sake of it”??
    Most people who are cheap or stingy or smart are doing it for a reason, perhaps to built wealth for the future.
    I admire someone who can DELAY GRATIFICATION just a bit in order to succeed later.
    Obviously a BALANCE needs to be acheived at some stage. I think most of us are grappling with this; NOT BEING CHEAP FOR THE SAKE OF IT.



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    Unlike Suds, my expectations w.r.t. vehicle type have been completed filled. I suspected this forum would of attracted middle of the road type people, trying to improve their lot in life via two major means, investing and practicing frugality in their discretionary spending.

    What’s the difference between frugality and stingy ??

    Good on you though Suds, I fully encourage a person to speak their mind, especially when it throws a cat amongst the pidgeons. Perhaps you are disappointed because your expectations were based more on the perception of wealthier people you see in the media – rather than real people…who knows. Hell, that’s gettin’ too deep.

    Anyone got any really cool trailers ?? I just bought myself a second hand 10×5 tandem lock up galvanised trailer with a ramp from an ex-policeman who did a sterling job making it. Comes in real handy for the IP’s and also carting the quad bike around. Fantastic – this is real boys stuff here. [biggrin]



    “No point having a cake if you can’t eat it.”

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    Hey All

    I drive a 94 Toyota Hiace. It’s in as new condition, and on gas only. It’s really useful having a van, I love it! Very cheap to run. Not very classy if I want to go on a date though!


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    i drive a honda civic 1996 hatchback… its a nice little ride

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    This will give you all a bit of a larf– 2 cars No.1- an 87 Corvette Convertible–looks like new- goes like the Wind- and no 2 car– a new Volvo 4WD talk about havin split personalities or sumpin–

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    We are 2 car family. Husband drives 2001 Commodore white. Nice and comfortable and plenty of room for the tools, timber, etc. I drive 1990 Camry with no power steering. Deliberately so as no one else in the family ever wanted to drive it and I could always be sure of having a car when I wanted it. Now the children have left home, I don’t have any excuse not to upgrade so I am seriously considering another Commodore. I might even be nice to hubby and get his favourite colour and swap him for the white one. Basically on the grounds that I spend more time in supermarket car parks than he does and that is where our cars get more damage than elsewhere.

    I have driven a Jaguar and a BMW but did not find them at all comfortable. The beemer felt cramped. And the Jag seems to be built for a man at least a foot taller than me. I would much rather have comfort than brand name these days. Oh, and space for the timber, tools, luggage, paint, etc.

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    I love a good trailer. Mine is great because of the yamaha trailbike in it.

    7 * 5.

    Live, Learn and Grow


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    Have a small 10 by 5 trailer but don’t use it a lot. The wife is no good at backing and our ute serves most purposes.

    Oh , that reminds me , I must get the quad serviced, after a clean up! They are overpriced these things for what they are and how long they last. And chew through the juice too eh?


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    I have an 2005 Territory and an old Chevy. Would love to have a cv8 but.


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    “What type of vehicle do you have?”

    Oh I don’t want to boast, but I have a few types, in all different colours and shapes. And I have 2 of each.

    Some are flashy, speedy and sleek, some are cute, some are sensible….

    ….I am talking Reeboks, sneakers and Hushpuppies here, hehe.[biggrin] [upsidedown]

    Oh BTW and I drive around in a 2001 Mitsubishi Van (Company’s vehicle).


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    Hi peeps,
    Well my first ever car was a red auto ’84 or ’89 Holden (or Toyota-can’t remember) Camira which my folks bought for me for $1000 (which I later sold for $2500..sweet!) and it had over 200k’s on it. The air-con worked great but that was about the best thing the car had going for it.

    Then along came the must have ’92 blue Honda Civic. Boy did I get totally ripped off. I was in love with the car and I had to have it at a cost of $13,500 with over 160 k’s! .. I sold it 4 years later as it was almost run in to the ground for $4,500 [cry].

    And now i’ve settled for a 2000 SSS Nissan Pulsar (SR 20 motor…oohhh) ..great little car, no probs so far (knocks on wood). Bought it for $18,000 but it was like brand new, still smelt brand new and only had 13,000k’s on the clock.

    My partner recently sold his 2000 WRX for a 2003 WRX ..2003 model much nicer car, more KW’s, roomier cabin, better shape. :)

    Okay..that’s my 2 cents.


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    hi dazzling
    98 toyota tarago (wife car carnival 2005)can park the tarago anywhere never get knocked off or broken into.
    registered as a truck so get I 35mins on a loading lane( syd) instead of 15 mins and when you hit em you bounce off.
    It carries all my paperwork and I can thru stuff in no problem.
    I’m also allowed to smoke cigars in the tarago not in any other car.
    just about to buy a coopers works but again no cigars I’ve been told.

    here to help

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    I’ve got a 95 EF Falcon (330 000km’s on the clock) I payed $10 000 for in 2001 that since then has had about $20 000 worth of smash repairs done to it.

    This was posted by myself a few weeks ago. Well I’ve still got the same car but make that about $22 000 in smash repairs. Just got it back after another fender bender at a roundabout the other day. Wasn’t my fault though…[grrr]

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