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    Hi All,
    I am looking to do a property development course to give me a broad overview of all aspects of property development – I don’t for one second think that I can learn all I need in a short course but its a good starting point.
    Has anyone attended a property developement course from either Peter Comben or from a company called Redscape?? OR are there other providers of short property development courses that you can recommend?

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    I read with interest your post as I also would be inerested in this type of coarse.
    Not sure who would host it or its brief but I’m all for education.

    here to help

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    Peter Comden used to be a moderator on this forum. I think Steve holds him in high regard so he might be somebody that would provide good value in a development course.

    I’d also be interested in doing something similar so keep us posted on what you find out.

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    Hi G7 and grossrealisation, details for Peters course can be found at:
    The course looks pretty good, its a 1 day course for $880. You can also buy it on DVD.
    As I mentioned in my post, redscape ( is another company offering a course. They offer a 2.5 day course which seems pretty good. Cost is $1000 if you live in Brissy. The course is based in Sydney so you need to spend some money to fly down.
    Hope this helps. You are probably in the same position as me now, trying to determine which course will offer the best value for me.

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    Went to Peter Comben’s course when we first started developing. It’s very good, although very basic. If you don’t know much about it, it can be a great start plus you’ll meet others who do it or are starting out. He concentrates a lot of feasibilities – which are pivotal in developing.

    Having now “been there/done that” there is no better learning than actually doing it. I read everything I could and learnt everything I could but still found the first one to be a huge learning curve. Every one after that is still a learning curve because you never get two the same!

    Having said that, it’s hugely rewarding and lots of “fun” if your passion is property.

    Prospective/beginners developers can get some free info on our site too.

    If you’ve got questions, give me a holler!

    Good luck.

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    There’s an excellent course written by an Australian developer with 30yrs and $1.2Billion developing experience.

    It’s only $87. I suppose he’s giving something back.

    Best of luck

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    There’s a Link to a free e-book from colm on this Forum if you do a search..


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    Hello Shane and co,

    Before I say anymore I should disclose that I am involved in providing property development education services for a company named Positive Property Strategies.

    There are only a limited number of property development educators in Australia and I notice from reading your thread that most have been mentioned. In respect to property development books there is Colm Dillon’s ebook and Roger Forley’s two books. In respect to property development workshops there is Peter Comben, Redscape, and the UDIA.

    We have investigated these workshops and read the books. Without wanting to sound disparaging to them (because we are not in the business of knocking the competition) we found that they did not provide sufficient infomration or support to equip the up-and-coming developer with everything they need to know to perform their own property development project successfully.

    In light of this we set ourselves to create a unique three stage education process to progressivley graduate the completely inexperienced property investor into a successful property developer. Having been involved in over $1 billion worth of property development projects over the last 25 years, we feel confident that our educational program is the best on the market.

    But don’t just take my word for it. I would encourage you to investigate the competition and compare them to us and make up your own mind. Our web address is

    If I don’t see you at one of our workshops then I wish you all the best in your property development pursuits…


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    Hi, I agree with Megan. Nothing compares to just doing it.

    I decided that building was the only way to buy a house for under the median price. So I found a block with 2 old shops on it, zoned R. I was sensible enough to pay a surveyor $300 to look at it & talk to council but his report got swallowed up in the post & I never received it. I was in Singapore then.

    I only discovered this forum AFTER I started wrestling with the devt process.

    It’s the mother of learning curves! I learnt about delays, set-backs, traffic dept regulations, builders underquoting, etc etc

    What amazes me is that I went out & bought another one and then a third one.

    #2 is primary residence, slated for redevt but I can’t deal with the process any more & I’m putting it up for sale. I’ll walk away with a small profit.

    #3 is the prize. The existing house need not be touched. It earns 5.5% yield so the holding cost is contained. The new block is almost FOC.

    I’ll not do another one but doing is the best way to learn.

    All the best,
    Kum Yin

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    Hi Guys,

    Any new courses on property development? I'm talking about 2012.  Some of the websites listed above are out of date.


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    Hi chrisgirgis, (and anyone else interested)

    You can have a look at Rookie Developer – They run a mentoring program specifically for development. There is also a bus tour coming up (I went on the one last year, great day, very full on) which you can go on if you want to get a feel for how Rookie do their thing.

    This is probably one of the only groups that don't JV with students (happy to be corrected if anyone knows of anything else) so really just about development education.

    Hope this helps.



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    Which State or city are you looking at?

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    Time for an update. Who is offering the best property development education in 2016?

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    I did a Bob Anderson Bootcamp in Melbourne last year and worth the $$$ and effort.

    I have a great little pdf book on Property Development I am happy to share with fellow forumites.

    Email me at: [email protected]

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    Hi Colin,

    I attended a one day info workshop this month in Melbourne and found him very informative, have you done his mentoring program?


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    Hi Ronan, I did his weekend bootcamp and self study modules.

    Cost 5k all up. I know how my brain works. If I let info in it rattles around for a while before I apply it. Sometimes its instant application and other times it marinates for years.

    If I dont apply it in a practical sense it literally haunts me until I do so a 5k investment is worth it to me.

    Most will do it and probably do nothing. Dont be like that :)

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    not sure if Bob Andersons course is worth it? but I know the best way to learn is by getting your hands dirty. I started 3 years ago and onto my 5th development, sure you make mistakes but you learn along the way.

    All my projects have made in excess of 20% profit, no course will teach you to develop in the right market conditions, this will be critical to success or failure IMO

    My tip is start small, don’t bite more than you can chew, understand the market you are playing in, build what people want, don’t reinvent the wheel
    Research, research and more research….start with re agents and find out size and product of what is in demand in specific area

    happy investing


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