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    Is anyone intersted? Let me know on [email protected]

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    Hey, can I advertise here as well???

    Robert Bou-Hamdan
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    Sorry, my mistake.
    I am investing in US properties and want to find likeminded people to share information about financial, legal and other differences from OZ investments.
    High rent return is possible to find in US, but investors should be aware about danger of buying lemons. Prices of properties around city could be as low as $500, but, apart from repaires, you’ll never get tenants there. And if you will, they are most likely wouldn’t pay and demolish your property. There is no Land Lord Protection Insurance there…
    And not every house could be insured with normal insurance either…
    Finances is another problem. Most investors using cash from Australian equity. Standard minimal loan in US is $25000. House prices could be lower than $20000…
    Application fees for loan is around $4000-5000, and you can’t put more than one property on one loan. Dufficult, ah?
    I am trying to find the way around it. I know that some people are using finances already.
    Any comments?

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    Westan from this website sourcing property in US may be you want to talk to him about USA.

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    NZ loan pre approval from OZ

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    Hey Aeros Oz we have an investor group that is working the WNY region, those issues you rasied regarding investing out there are certainly pertinent.

    We have done extensive research and are now at the stage that we have overcome most of those problems (never them all). So you are on the right track and good luck with it all.

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    Find the thread “Units in US”, lots of chat in there. These guys have set up in Syd. If there is anyone in the Melb region interested in sharing ideas/ knowledge/ experience here, let me know and I am happy to assist in organising an itial meeting of minds.

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    Hi Aeros OZ

    I haven’t ventured into the US market but I have done a small amount of research. A couple of resources that might help are:
    1. A lot of Aussies operating in the US use an LLC (limited liabilty company) as their preferred structure. The company at this URL,
    purports to specialise in loans to LLC’s
    2. An interesting series of posts re US investing can be found at

    I hope this helps.

    Cheers, Paul

    Paul Dobson | Vendor Finance Institute
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