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    Again this post just reinforces the reason why you were kicked off.

    You wern’t interested in somersoft and it showed.

    You were just interested in stirring people and wining your bet.

    The swannies lost , but they wern’t the only losers yesterday.

    See Change

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    See, I did not lose anything. As for why I did not post about the bet in the other thread, I just didn’t think about it in those messages. It was not an attempt to hide anything as I wrote it here so there is nothing sinister about it.

    Simon, I am not upset. You know me and you know that I would have been laughing my ass off about the whole thing.

    See, as for your comment about it not being the content but the delivery, read the rules mate. There is nothing about delivering a post in a particular way. You seem to think that I am responsible for how people interpret my words on a screen. Remember, it was nly 3 or 4 people that got upset and all but one of those were the same people as one year ago.

    Anyway, enough on this topic… moving right along!

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    couldn’t agree more TMA

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    I just wanted to say, aside from some of the jibes, this has been a refreshing post for a number of reasons:

    1. It actually identifies a trend that there doesn’t seem to be as many people online as once there was. I agree, however…

    2. A lot of people sit offline and read, infact for every one person who posts the traffic reports on this site indicate that 100+ people read

    3. With so many posts, lots has been discussed. As such, people spend a lot of time going back over past posts and learning, which is great.

    4. The forum is all about people from different walks of life participating in a way that helps each other out. Should this site be seen as the ‘Newbies’ site, then I’d be more than happy with that. Help is help.

    Thanks for having this discussion though as it has pinpointed some issues that need addressing to continue to build the community.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Steve McKnight

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    Success comes from doing things differently

Viewing 4 posts - 81 through 84 (of 84 total)

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